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What Is The Best No-carb Diet Plan For A South Indian

What Is The Best No-carb Diet Plan For A South Indian?

The Keto Diet has become a global trend and no part of the world is unknown of its endless health benefits which range from weight loss to prevention and cure of type 2 diabetes.The Keto Diet is basically a low carb and high fat diet with moderate protein. It is also known as the Ketogenic diet and aims that the breakup of the daily food intake should be 75% fats, 20% protein rich foods and 5% carbohydrates. 

India has always been aware of the trending health affairs. Indians from all parts of the country are actively participating in this unique dietary regime. Keto diet has paved its ways in the country and nowadays most of the Keto dishes are available in the Indian food markets and restaurants. India is a country of diverse cultures. Ranging from the North to South corners of the country, the language, culture, cuisine everything is different and special in its own. 

Are you a South Indian and thinking of trying the Ketogenic Diet? You definitely should take up the diet but are you worried about the high amount of carbs in your diet? You need not worry since we've got you covered. South Indian cuisine is known for its lavish taste and diverse varieties of recipes but the fact that every dish ranging from Dosa to Idli is just high in carbs haunts the South Indian Keto dieters. With the evolution of changing food trends and the growth of Keto, this diet has made its place in every cuisine or the world and almost every dish can be turned into a Keto dish. 

Same goes with the South Indian cuisine as well and here we are with 4 Most Famous South Indian Keto recipes which would taste and even better and would not let you miss on your favorite staple foods. You can obviously try out the other Ketogenic Foods too but the love for our native cuisine always remains the same. 


Are you someone who can't live without having the famous South Indian dishes like Idli, Dosa, Vada even on the Keto diet? Here we are for your rescue with this amazing Keto Breakfast, Keto Dosa with Keto Chutney. Sounds interesting enough? Are you worrying about consuming carbohydrates by eating Keto, we introduce you Keto Dosa made with almond flour which is totally fat and protein rich and negligible in carbs and gives you the original taste of your favorite Dosa. 

You just need to pile up your kitchen with some almond flour, mozzarella cheese, coconut milk and some of your favorite South Indian spices (since most of them are Keto friendly) Follow this recipe and enjoy your Keto Dosa with a basic Coconut Chutney.

  • You need to mix the almond flour and melted mozzarella cheese. 
  • Form a thick consistency batter from it by adding little coconut milk in it. You can use water too. 
  • Pour the dosa batter in an oiled frying pan and spread the batter from the spoon.
  • Cook on a medium heat and keep turning sides until the bottom of the Dosa starts to golden down and does not stick to the frying pan.
  • Fold the dosa and turn it upside down
  • You can put your favorite Keto friendly filings if you wish to and press fold the sides.
  • Serve with the basic Keto coconut chutney.



You don't need to refrain yourself from eating your favorite South Indian Poha due to your Keto diet because now you can consume Keto Poha in your daily Breakfast which would taste just as awesome as ever. Cauliflower has come to your cravings rescue yet again. You just need diced cauliflower pieces, onions, peanuts, chopped tomatoes, bell peppers, extra virgin olive oil and the spices such as turmeric, pav bhaji masala and red chilly.

  • Cut the cauliflower into small pieces as per your convenience.
  • Wash them thoroughly to remove the toxins and harmful substances present outside.
  • Boil the pieces into salted water for 5 minutes and wait for them to turn tender.
  • Until the pieces are getting boiled, you can roast the peanuts and pieces of homemade paneer until they become golden brown.
  • In the same pan heat oil around 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil or extra virgin coconut oil. Now add the curry leaves and mustard seeds for tempering.
  • Season it with salt and turmeric and fry the spice.
  • Now add the roasted peanuts, paneer, red chilli powder, coriander powder and chillies into it.
  • Now add in the cauliflower pieces, season it with salt, add a cup of water and cover and cook till it becomes tender. 
  • Mix it all thoroughly. Garnish with coriander leaves and a squeeze of lime juice. 



South Indians' love for Idli can't be doubted. Idli is one of the staple foods of South India which is eaten with the same recipe and taste throughout the country.  Idli is one such food which boosts the body instantly by giving it instant doses of energy and it can be easily found in every street, restaurant and household of India, primarily South India. 

Idli is originally made from soaked rice and pulses. It is a well known fact that rice is a big no in the Ketogenic diet due to the presence of high carb content in it. But the dieters need not worry about missing on their favorite dish during their diet period because we have come up with the Keto Idli which is even more tastier and healthier as it is a pure sprouted idli recipe. All you will need is sprouted grams black and green, baking powder, fenugreek seeds and a pinch of salt. Follow this easy recipe.

  • You need to wash and soak the green and black gram overnight for around 8 hours in different containers.
  • The next day, grind both the grams in different bowls and make a thick paste. Add spices, fenugreek seeds, ginger garlic to it and if you want it to be way more healthier you can add the paste of spinach in it.
  • Now mix both the batters together and leave it to ferment for 3-4 hours. After they have fermented, add a pinch of salt in the batter.
  • Grease your Idli maker or moulds with some cooking oil (preferably extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil) and pour the batter in them with a spoon.
  • Steam them for 5-7 minutes and then de mould them. Serve hot with spicy Keto Chutney.



Sambar is a quintessential dish of South Indian cuisine. It goes well off with Dosa and Idli and is a complimentary dish. It is a lentil based vegetable stew which is cooked together with pulses, veggies and tangy tamarind. Most South Indians consume Sambar as curry with rice and other main course food items. Speaking about Sambar, it goes well off with both the Vegan and Keto diets as there couldn't be a better combination of lentils and veggies with the richness of spices, good taste is an added advantage.

  • Cut all the veggies together in a bowl.
  • Mix the coconut and coriander powder with the turmeric and red chilly powder and other spices.
  • Place a skillet over a medium-low heat setting and add extra virgin coconut oil to it.
  • Keep heating until vapor starts coming out from the oil.
  • Add mustard seeds and curry leaves  to the hot coconut oil.
  • Once the mustard seeds stop sputtering, add the veggies and diced green chilies.
  • Saute for about 1 minute on medium flame.
  • Now add asafoetida, coconut-coriander powder, and water to the mixture. Turn on the heat and bring to a boil and add salt.
  • Since sambar doesn't contain a lot of proteins, you can add cauliflower pieces into it or eat it with cauliflower rice for a better combination.
  • Garnish with cilantro/lemon or coriander leaves before serving with dosa/idli. 



A South Indian Keto dieter would have no bigger delight than knowing that his favorite foods can still be eaten on the keto diet. Be it Dosa or Idli, Poha or Sambar, you don't need to miss out on these daily meals of yours and switch to a totally different diet when on a keto diet. You can obviously try out all the Keto friendly healthy foods since all of them combined would provide you with the best food choices and results, remember consuming ample amounts of water with your diet to avoid Keto Flu and to allow the smooth process or ketosis. We hope you will try these famous healthy South Indian recipes and like them, these will help you lose weight, gain stamina, fight from the coming risk factors related to old age related problems. 

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