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Traditional Vegan Indian Food - 5 Best Savoury Dishes

Traditional Vegan Indian Food - 5 Best Savoury Dishes

A Vegan diet is primarily based on natural and vegan products gained directly from the natural vegetative cover of the ground such as vegetables. Veganism is trending across the globe as it promotes healthy and peaceful living on a vegan diet. Its main aim is to totally cut down on all animal products such as meat, fish, seafood and all dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, cream etc.

People of all ages and all countries are going vegan and following the policy of a light and peaceful diet and environment it promotes. The vegan diet not only promotes the practice of eating vegetarian but also aims to reduce the violence against animals which they think are unethical.The vegan diet comes out after a lot of diseases spreading from animal flesh and out of empathy towards animals as well.

People in India have always been following the vegan diet and now that it is trending, we find that the roots of the vegan diet has always been attached with India as it already has a list of many sweet and savoury vegan dishes. Here is a list of 5 traditional vegan savoury dishes which one must try for sure. 


1. Palak Paneer 

Palak and Paneer that are spinach and Indian cottage cheese are two quite Keto friendly food products and a mandatory addition to the daily meal. Palak Paneer is a savoury Indian curry which any person irrespective of following a strict diet might like. Vegan Indian Cottage Cheese is cooked with green leafy spinach and Indian spices. In this easy and tasty recipe, the spinach leaves are blanched and pureed and later cooked in spices and added with small cubes of Indian cottage cheese.

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable and contains numerous antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fiber which helps in keeping the heart and eye healthy and preventing other diseases as well. The people who are on a vegan diet, can use vegan cheese instead of milk made cottage cheese or instead use tofu as an easy option. It is generally served with spicy rice. 

palak paneer

2. Veggie Masala Coconut Curry 

Vegetables are the founding pillars of the keto diet. Not only can one have delicious rolls and sandwiches out of it but having a savoury curry out of the nutritious vegetarian. Veggie Masala Curry or Mix Veg Curry is one such option wherein one can include different varieties of veggies and cook them with tasty Indian spices. Coconut is one of the best vegan options and to the vegan dieters' surprise, it can also be added to the masala curry. 

It is generally cooked with soft pieces of coconut and vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, basil leaves, curry leaves, chillies, capsicum, bell peppers and other spices such as mustard, cumin seeds, asafoetida etc. It is served with Indian breads such as roti, naan, paratha or rice.

3. Paneer Makhani

Paneer Makhani is popularly known as Paneer Butter Masala and is the absolute favorite of every Indian ever. It is commonly found in every major restaurant and food outlet. This lavish dish is made with a gravy of onion, tomatoes, cashews, poppy seeds and since it is vegan, instead of Paneer or Indian Cottage Cheese, Tofu cubes can be used for the dish. 

Paneer Makhani is cooked with a variety of Indian spices such as groundnut seeds, poppy seeds paste, onion and garlic paste to nourish it with all the possible nutritional values of the vegan diet. The dish is prepared in vegan butter and can be cooked in other vegetable oils such as extra virgin olive oil which is very nutritious for heart and skin health. Paneer Butter Masala is generally served with cumin rice and other savoury food items such as biriyani. It is served with rice or bread.

4. Cauliflower Soup

Vegan dieters around India are in a myth that the only savoury dishes they can prepare from cauliflower are Manchurian and Cauliflower curry. However we are here to burst the myth and introduce to them the amazing Cauliflower soup. Cauliflower Soup is one such soup which can be cooked with veggies such as Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Tomatoes etc. Roasted cauliflower soup is thick and creamy and tofu can be used to give it a creamy texture. Vegan diet experts recommend cooking this vegan soup in olive oil or coconut oil to add to its nutritious value. It can be garnished with herbs such as mint, cilantro, lemon etc to enhance its taste and it can be consumed in breakfast or snacks.


5. Baingan Bharta or Eggplant Curry

Roasted Eggplant mash, eggplant curry or the traditional Indian Baingan ka Bharta, whatever you prefer to call it, this dish is as savoury as ever. This is a very popular dish in North India and has stated spreading its legs into other parts of the country and globe as well.

It is a very simple recipe and is cooked with mustard oil, chopped garlic and pickle masala or achari spices. The dish goes well off with rice and can be seen on every major traditional event of the Indians. In some parts of India, vegan dieters' prepare it by adding lentils balls into it which are specially prepared in the monsoon for eating with the eggplant mash. Additional benefits include the dish being vegan and gluten free as well and is healthy for the body as well.

Bottom Line

The above mentioned 5 savoury dishes of the traditional Vegan Indian Diet are a must to include in the Indian Vegan Diet. It is undoubted that not only vegan dieters but any Indian would drool over these recipes. A vegan diet focuses on consuming more and more natural and vegan products, with such amazing and savoury recipes, why should one kill the taste cravings for tasty curries and creamy soups.

These dishes can be included in the daily meal as well and can be consumed without any major possible side effects to the body. Dishes such as Palak Paneer and Paneer Makhani, Coconut Curry etc are premier lavish dishes which are now made in an exclusive vegan way as well and paved their way into Indian restaurants as well. Whether in India or anywhere in the globe, with these easily found veggies and spices, you will never have a dull moment in your vegan diet. 

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