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10 Best and Worst Fats to Eat on a Keto Diet

10 Best and Worst Fats to Eat on a Keto Diet

Have you ever heard that fats could be beneficial for your body? If you are on a keto diet, there are certain restrictions you need to follow. Considering the fats we can intake, there can be many benefits and harms of it. Let us know more about fats.

There are three types of macronutrients; fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Fats are also of different types. Fats have been classified into four major types, saturated, unsaturated, poly unsaturated and Trans fats. Among these saturated and trans fats have been researched to be the most harmful types.

While following a ketogenic diet, it is important to take care about the type of fat you intake. It is also a priority to know the difference between these four types of fats. There is a very thin line between a good fat and a bad fat.

There are certain foods and edible items which have high amounts of fat content and are still known as healthy. In this article we will know more about what is considered as best fat and worst fat.



100 grams of avocados contain 15 grams of fat. In these 15 grams, there is 10 grams of monounsaturated fat.Avocados are a very good source of just not healthy fat but also vitamins and minerals. It also provides the body with healthy content of fiber. Because of the fiber content, they are also good for digestive health.

Even avocado oil is healthy for the heart and supports the keto diet. They are also commonly eaten by people as an anti aging food.This is because avocados are considered to be the best fat keto food.Avocados can be used as a guacamole and salad dressings. They are much keto-friendly.

Avocado - Healthy Fat



There are different kinds of nuts which are generally incorporated in the ketogenic diet. At times, dietitians advise you to eat nuts as a snack in between meals. They contain a higher amount of fat content but still one of the best fat keto foods.

Including them in your ketogenic diet can increase the intake of fats which are healthy and are plant-based. Nuts also contain a considerable amount of fiber content which acts beneficial for the digestion.

A nut reduces the risk of any heart disease and in fact improves the heart health. Different kinds of nuts have various nutrient compositions.The ketogenic diet requires low carbohydrate and high fat nuts which are commonly found in walnuts, almonds, cashews. High carbohydrates can ruin your ketosis and keto diet plan.

Nuts - Healthy Fat


Butters are always considered as the harmful fats and can have various harmful effects. To substitute the old-fashioned, high fat butter; the mankind has come up with variations. Healthy products are processed to form butter.The butters which are made from nuts and seeds are much more versatile. You can spread them over your keto snacks and pair them up with your salads.

Butters like sunflower and almonds are low in carbohydrate level and provide the body with healthy nutrients and fats.If you do not believe the packaged butters, you can also make them yourself. And if you are buying them from stores, it is better to take a look and make sure that it doesn’t have any added sugar.

Seed Butters - Healthy Fat


In Hindi, flax seeds are known as alsi and are quite famous for weight loss procedure. 42 grams of flax seeds contain 18 grams of fat. Half of the fat is provided from omega- 3s.

It is commonly known as a fiber crop which is only grown in cold regions. This higher fiber content in nature makes sure that the person following keto diet loses weight rapidly.The omega-3 fats are anti inflammatory in nature and helps in relieving any kind of inflammation in the internal body.The fat content in them also improves the digestion process in the body.Still, it is advised to intake the flax seeds in moderation because of the presence of harmful fats as well.

Flax Seeds - Healthy Fat


If we are talking about seeds and keto diet, then it is very obvious to include chia seeds. They are the most hyped seeds which have been proven to help a lot in keto diet.In 15 grams of chia seeds there are 4 grams of fat. It is approximately a tablespoon. They also contain omega-3s and are rich in fibers.

The restaurants which provide healthy and keto related food also give a packet of chia seeds. Not just weight reduction, they are beneficial for chronic conditions as well such as heart diseases, diabetes.They have a characteristic of absorbing the water and creating a water weight. They can be eaten as a pudding or even in raw form.

Chia Seeds - Healthy Fat


Olives are very commonly taken in the form of olive oil. In Indian households, olive oil has taken the place of refined oil due to its healthy properties.

Olive oil is purely based on monounsaturated fats and is included in every kind of diet. Because of the fat content in them, it fills the stomach and makes you feel hungry in a longer time.The loss of vitamins, you might feel because of keto diet can be provided by olive oil.Olives can also be eaten as a fruit snack. They can also be chopped into the salad.

Olives - Healthy Fat


1 piece of coconut contains approximately 15 grams of protein. It is known by every one that coconut is considered as a boon for the keto diet plan.It contains a high amount of medium chain triglycerides. MCTs are a kind of fat which has the characteristic to be absorbed in the body. 

Dietitians suggest you to start coconut and coconut oil from the day one of dieting because it starts the ketosis process in an easiest way.The MCTs are generally broken down in the body to later act as a fuel for energy. This helps in weight loss. 

MCTs are broken down in an easier manner and do not accumulate in the belly fat. In this way it also prevents you from gaining any weight.Raw coconut, shredded coconut, coconut oil and coconut milk are the forms in which you can increase the intake of it in your keto diet.


A full fat Greek yogurt has a high amount of carbohydrate but is also a healthier food to incorporate in a weight loss keto diet plan.

A 150 gram serving of Greek yogurt contains 6 gram of fat and 6 grams of carbohydrates. It is generally prescribed by the dietitian itself. A yogurt contains lots of nutrients and is a part of a basic diet.

The lactobacillus present in the yogurt acts as a probiotic which is healthy for stomach and digestive health. Initial days of ketogenic diet might increase digestion problems which can be solved by Greek yogurt.It should be kept in mind that the Greek yogurt should not contain any kind of added sugar and also should be unsweetened.


The whole egg is the most nutritious and versatile food. On keto diet? Working out? Eggs are advised in every situation.One egg on a whole contains 5 grams of fat and 7 grams of proteins. Keto diet requires you to take a rich protein diet.

Eggs can be cooked in various ways and can be made more keto friendly. You can complete your whole meal with eggs. It will also help you to lose weight.For those who have been exercising and were on a keto diet, eggs are very healthy and beneficial. They will help you to bring out the energy you need.

Eggs - Healthy Fat


Fishes like salmon are rich in fat and also contain omega 3 fatty acids in a high amount.Fishes can provide you with the full fledged nutrient rich meal. Salmon is always included in the ketogenic diet plan.If you cannot eat fish regularly, then you can also substitute it with fish or krill oil supplements.

Fatty Fish - Healthy Fat

It was all about the fats which are good for health during your keto diet. There are certain types of fat which are strictly prohibited during keto diet or any weight loss procedure.Let’s know about them in the next section.



You certainly do not want to eat too much mayonnaise if you want to lose weight. People are always advised to restrict them from keto diet.100 gram of mayonnaise contains 75 grams of fats. It contains all the bad components which are worse for overall health as well as weight.

The types of fat it contains are saturated fats. Saturated fats are harmful for the heart and also affect the weight. Approximately 60% of the fat content is acquired by the saturated fats.You can surely add them in your diet in moderate amounts.

Mayonnaise - Unhealthy Fat


Cheese in no way can be a healthier option when you are on a keto diet. 100 grams of cheese contain 32 gram of fat. Out of which 18 gram of fat is saturated and is bad for health.I have already mentioned above in my introduction that saturated fats are worst for weight loss. Also, even on cheat days it can take you out of ketosis.

It can also harm heart health. It is a snack with no nutrients and just side effects. It accumulates in your body and rather increases your weight. Even if you are not on a keto diet then also it is considered to be the worst fat.

Cheese - Unhealthy Fat


Butter is a processed product made up of protein and fat content of milk. 100 grams of butter contains 81 grams of fat. It contains 51 gram of saturated fat and 3.3 grams of trans fat.It is always advised to eat butter in moderation but if you are on a keto diet, it must be strictly prohibited. 

You can substitute butter with healthy options such as peanut butter or almond butter.It not only contributes to weight gain but also raises the LDL cholesterol to an unbearably high amount.


Fried food can never be healthy not even for children. Fried products are made by dipping the food into a container full of oil until it turns golden brown.Because of this procedure, the food absorbs the oil and makes it unhealthy.  Frying the food can also lose all the nutrient properties it might have.

All you intake will be oil with fats. It definitely raises the cholesterol level and weight. While on keto diet, you cannot have fried foods even on cheat days. You must substitute some healthier options.


100 gram of dark chocolate is rich in 31 grams of fat. So, you can just imagine the amount of fat a normal chocolate could have. You might be having a craving for chocolates but you must also know that it is strictly not allowed during keto diet.

The sugar and carbohydrates present in chocolate will definitely take you out of the ketosis process and increase your weight rapidly.Chocolates contain high amounts of saturated fats in it which is not healthy for even a normal person.


If you buy a 100 gram packet of palm oil, it will consist of 100 gram of fat. The breakdown of fat in palm oil is such that it has 50% of saturated fat in it.It is generally used for frying purposes but it is nowhere close to a ketogenic diet. It increases the weight and also increases the amount of bad cholesterol in the body. Bad cholesterol that is LDL can be a risk factor for any kind of heart disease. Elevation in it can also lead to death.

Palm Oil - Unhealthy Fat


Margarine is a dip prepared for dressing purposes. 100 grams of margarine contains 81 grams of fat. Out of which there is 30 grams of saturated and trans fat in it.Margarine is never considered even as a choice for a ketogenic diet plan. The amount of fat and calories it contains is anyway bad for health.It won’t help you to lose weight but rather increase your weight with a sudden hike.

Margarine - Unhealthy FatLARD

Lard is a type of oily composition which is made of fat from pig. Because the source is fat, it contains 100% of fat. Also, it contains 30% of saturated fats in it.It is generally consumed by people as a part of pork. In moderation it could be fine. But if you are already on a ketogenic diet then it would be a bad idea.You must not replace lard with your healthy oils.

Lard - Unhealthy Fat




Baked foods require a lot of sugar, carbohydrate and fat. That is why they are already prohibited to be a part of your ketogenic diet plan.If you want to take a break from your keto diet then you can have a cheat day but with certain substitutions.


Packaged food already doesn’t guarantee about the nutrition composition. It works on hit and trial methods.You don’t even know the kind of oil they must be using and the amount of fats it would have. Generally, such kinds of food items consist of a high amount of trans fats which is worst for keto diet and weight loss procedure.Avoid any type of packaged food and try to buy more raw food and cook it at home.

 Packaged Foods - Unhealthy Fats

These are few best and worst fats which are generally advised by nutritionists as well. It is necessary to keep them in mind. If your intake of bad fats is higher, then you might not go into ketosis procedure. That way keto diet will not either affect you in any way.To decrease your weight and keep yourself healthy, it is important to know about the kind of food you eat. Hope this article helped you in knowing about the fatty foods we consume.

Happy eating!

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