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10 Indian Keto Desserts You Must Try

10 Indian Keto Desserts You Must Try

Indians have been known for having an innate sweet tooth and being fond for rich traditional sweet dishes. India is a land of unity in diversity and so is the Indian dessert list available in a plethora of varieties. Indian desserts are extremely varied and as you move uphill or either way, you will find great diversity and variety in the taste which is influenced by regional specialties, tribe tastes and what not. While rosogolla has been known to emerge from the land of Orissa, West Bengal has made it its own by customizing it as their staple dessert. Apart from the staple desserts like Rosogolla for West Bengal and Modak for Maharashtra there are plenty of options available. Are you on an Indian Keto diet and missing your favorite Indian desserts, want to have them very badly but also fear consuming more carbs then we've got you covered with this great list of 10 must try Indian desserts. Here's the list. 

1. Keto Rasmalai

Rasmalai is a sweet custard-like sweet sauce. It actually can be translated as cream juice, and it’s quite tasty. We’re making this one with whole milk, almond milk, stevia, saffron, and powdered cardamom. Try it, rasmalai is one of the most famous Indian sweet desserts and its Keto version will be healthier and tastier. What's more, some famous restaurants have started a special Keto dessert menu and Keto Rasmalai is definitely a part. 

2. Keto Suji (Semolina) Halwa

There are many types of halva in India, the Suji Halwa, Besan Halwa, Posta Halwa and some veggie halwas too. The compact sweet confections can be flour-based, but nut butter-based alternatives are also available and friendlier with the keto lifestyle. This recipe calls for almonds, pistachio, ghee, and gourd, and it rocks!

3. Keto Almond Phirni Kheer

Also known as kheer or phirni, this dessert is classically made with rice, but here we’re using almonds for a keto version. Don’t forget to add the cardamom and the saffron strands. They might not look like much, but they give the dessert its personality. With the richness and nutrition value of almonds and purity of milk, the Keto version of Almond Phirni Kheer is an absolute delight. 

4. Indian Keto Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is an absolute favorite be itin India or any other country and now that we've found the Indianized version of the Keto Chocolate Bars, you need not worry about missing in on Chocolate on Keto diet.This dessert is extremely sweet infused with your favorite Indian flavors. Well, that’s what these Keto chocolate bars are all about. Made with only a few ingredients, including some desi ghee, coconut milk, and shredded coconut and chocolate ofcourse, these bars are quite easy to make and utterly satisfying. 

5. Instant Keto Katli

These diamond-shaped cashew katli are sugar-free, yet sugary. The texture comes from blanched almond flour, and splenda brings sweetness to the table. This is the easiest dessert on the list, and with just a kiss of saffron, this katli might just be the tastiest you’ve tried. Enjoy the Ketogenic version of Kaju Katli/ Plain Katli like you've never before.

6. Ketogenic Til Ladoo (Sesame Seeds Laddu)

Coconut milk and a sesame seed paste give this golden til ladoo their soft, crusty texture. The original treats need flour to hold everything together, but these ones are entirely carb-free and have added softness for the whipping cream and the buttery ghee.

7. Keto Ricotta Burfi

At the most basic level, authentic burfi or barfi is condensed milk, sweetened, and solidified. The recipe here makes good use of ricotta for an entirely distinct mouthfeel. Heavy whipping cream, a carb-free sweetener, and the ever-present cardamom and saffron flavors make these compact cakes a delight.

8. Keto Rosogulla

Keto Rosogulla can be the most pleasant surprise for Keto dieters out there. Rasgulla is made up of fresh paneer or Indian Cottage Cheese and is extremely tasty and healthy too. You can definitely consume its Ketogenic version and have it as a part of your daily dessert. 

9. Keto Shrikhand

Yogurt is a big deal in India; it’s part of sweet and savory dishes. Here, it’s the most crucial ingredient. Shrikhand is a creamy, custardy spread, cooked the keto way with fat curd, coconut milk, and erythritol sweetener. Don’t forget the cardamom and saffron which will not only add to the taste but also cater to the delicious fragrance and health benefits. 

10. Keto Mysore Pak

The sweetest dessert in India might easily be the Mysore pak. This Keto recipe is based on chickpeas, ghee, and very little sugar, easily substitutable with any keto sweetener. The rectangular treats are a flavor bomb! Mysore Pak is a very easy to make recipe and can be made at home as well as found in every other sweet shop in India.


Here we've got you covered for your favorite Indian Keto desserts. You would be glad to discover the fact that a Keto diet is not synonymous to a no dessert diet and that you can still enjoy your favorite Phirni and Katli on the Keto diet as well.  Our ultimate favorite Ladoo and Mysore Pak are also available in the Ketogenic style and are very fulfilling and tasty. 

Wishing you a sweet tooth forever. 
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