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10 Safety And Hygiene Measures Implemented By Wellversed

10 Safety And Hygiene Measures Implemented By Wellversed

As responsible citizens, it was our duty and utmost priority to take care of our valued customers and our frontline workers. We have taken stringent safety measures as well as rigorous training of all our employees to ensure safety of everyone during this world-wide crisis. In addition to this, all our delivery partners are meticulously implementing similar guidelines and following the advisory issued by the World Health Organisation. 

The following are the 10 safety measures implemented across our Company to ensure the safety of everyone. 

1. Training Our Delivery Boys

  • Our frontline heroes have been proactive to deliver all the products on time. That is why we have trained them about what social distancing is and they must stand 6 feet apart as advised by WHO. 
  • They have been guided to wear masks and keep the sanitizers with them. They have also been provided with the gloves. It has been made clear to them that their goal is to deliver the goods and not greet anyone else on the way.

2. Contactless Deliveries

  • We have also guided our delivery persons to maintain contactless delivery. They can keep your delivery packet on your doorstep and maintain social distancing until you receive your order.
  • We have also trained them to stand a little far from the door so that you don’t come into their contact.

3. Option for Cashless Deliveries

For all our customers, we also have the working facility of online payment. Our valued customers can pay for the delivery beforehand to avoid any type of contact with our front liners.

4. Hand Wash & Hygiene

  • Our company has already guided all the employees about the hand wash rules. It clearly states that every employee has to wash their hands frequently and for at least 20-30 seconds.
  • We have ensured that every restroom has a proper hand wash liquid for the safety of our employees.

5. Frequent Temperature Checks

  • We have our own infrared thermometer through which there is constant checking of temperature. All employees are regularly inspected if there is any symptom on them.
  • This is to ensure that all our employees as well as our customers remain safe and sound.

6. Sanitation Guidelines

  • Our riders have been provided with the sanitizers. We have taught them how to use it and how frequently they can use it.
  • Not just them but even in our workplace, we have kept sanitizer bottles. It ensures both cleanliness and safety. 

7. Strict Usage Of Protective Gear

  • Each and every employee of our workplace knows the usage of masks. They have been using their masks dedicatedly. They are well aware that masks should cover their nose as well as mouth region.
  • We have also provided masks to the people who couldn’t afford it or couldn’t get due to the shortage.

8. Mandatory Social Distancing

  • The whole world is running on the foundation of social distancing. All of our employees and workers are well aware of the meaning of social distancing. They know that it is best to greet with ‘namaste’ than shake hands.
  • The seating of every employee is managed with the rules of social distancing. We understand the severity of the situation and it is our utmost priority.

9. Use Of Gloves

  • All those who pack the deliveries have been using gloves from day one. They have also been religiously following the rule ‘one glove, one day’.
  • Gloves are provided by the company so that there is no burden for anyone. Use of gloves is also mandatory for all the delivery persons to ensure safety.

10. Quarantining

  • We have also imposed the rules of self quarantine to anyone who sees even a single symptom of the disease. It may or may not be corona but employees have to self quarantine themselves for 14 days at any cost.
  • We are fighting the pandemic together. In this unfortunate time, we have pledged to serve all our customers with utmost safety measures. We are honored to get all the love from our old as well new customers. This is to ensure everyone that the Wellversed family is taking care of all the guidelines provided by WHO and have been following them diligently.

Stay Safe and Healthy! 

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