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Which Desserts Would You Recommend To A Vegan

Which Desserts Would You Recommend To A Vegan?

One of the biggest myths that surrounds the vegan society dieters' thoughts is the fear of giving up on their favorite desserts due to their vegan lifestyle. People have this thought that desserts are incomplete without ingredients like eggs, butter or cream.

While we still agree that eggs, butter and cream are the major ingredients of desserts like cakes, pastries, pancakes etc. We are here to burst this myth that desserts cannot be made without them in our pantry. You can be on a vegan diet and still munch on your favorite vegan desserts which are free from all artificial sweeteners, eggs, dairy products like milk, whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk, etc. 

You just have to fill up your kitchen with a few simple yet amazing ingredients which would make your vegan dessert baking and cooking journey as easy as never. To name a few great vegan products as alternatives, you would be amazed to know that you could use the extra virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil instead of butter. You can replace the eggs with ground flaxseeds and maple syrup and you would not even realise missing eggs in a dessert.

So, whether you're craving a chocolate cake on a dull day, a refreshing sorbet, or your traditional sweet dish on a festival, these vegan desserts (totally free of animal products and based only on plant based diet)  are here to satisfy your sweet tooth for sure. 


Here is a list of thoroughly researched top 10 vegan desserts that even non dieters would love to eat. A variety of homemade ice cream, muffins, cookies, sundaes and what not. We guess the names are enough for vegan people to drool over these recipes and cook them asap. 

These vegan desserts are made up of fruit vegetables, natural products and are 100% vegan food. Check out these amazing cookies recipes, ice cream recipes of different ice cream flavors which are not only lavish but also have many health benefits since they are rich in nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, minerals etc. 

  • Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins are one of the tastiest vegan desserts ever. They're made with whole wheat flour, tasty chocolate chips and the nutritious bananas which are a powerpack of health preventing heart diseases, cholesterol problems etc. Don't forget that you have flaxseeds to add in case you start missing the egg yolk.

  • Cinnamon does not need an introduction. It is a popular spice used extensively in desserts and drinks. The health benefits of cinnamon are not hidden from anyone, from lowering high blood pressure to keeping the type 2 diabetes fluctuations in control, cinnamon makes tasty desserts too. The rolls made out of it taste differently awesome. 

  • Banana is a superfood since it has hundreds of health benefits. If you're a vegan and looking for delicious dessert options you would find that banana is one of the main ingredients of many desserts. Banana bread is one such dessert which can be eaten with condiments such as peanut butter, choco extract etc. Also the fact that it has no eggs makes it free of unhealthy saturated fats and bad cholesterol. It is fulfilling and healthy. 

  • We Know that you are pondering how a vegan doughnut looks like, does it taste the same, can you have filled donuts on a vegan diet? Well, doughnuts always taste the same. Made with simple ingredients such as soy milk, margarine, coconut oil, vegan doughnuts are like an invention in the dessert industry. You need not worry about the quality because they are as flutty, sweet, and glazy as ever.

  • This three ingredient vegan ice cream is the best dessert anyone could ever ask for. Be it a vegan or a non vegan, everyone would drool over it for sure.There is absolutely no need for any fancy equipment such as an ice cream maker. You just need 2 bananas, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a little cocoa powder to prepare this delicacy and munch on it.

  • A vegan chocolate cake is a really simple yet a delicious dessert. If you're worrying about consuming too much carbs, you can use whole flour as well. This cake is all about nuts, choco chips and extra virgin olive oil. Similar recipes of vegan choco fudge, vegan cheesecake can be made with the same ingredients.

  • No churn ice cream's are the latest trends. They are ultra creamy, extremely sweet and moreover easy to make. This vegan vanilla ice cream/ vanilla custard ice cream is a real treat, also, you don't need an ice cream maker to make it.You just need bananas or strawberries, marganine,  vanilla extract, peanut butter and cocoa extracts to make it. 

  • Craving for sundae on a hot sunday and are on a vegan diet? Chocolate Mint Sundae has your back. The cold sensation of mint with the rich taste of chocolate would make anyone drool over it. Top it with different vegan creams and mint infused syrup and give your taste buds the ultimate treat they deserve.


    Now that you know about so many drool worthy vegan dessert recipes, you need not worry about being on a vegan diet and missing on your favorite desserts, killing your cravings. Get yourself the simple vegan dessert ingredients and pack your pantry with the choco chips, peanut butter and vanilla essence and munch on these delicacies whenever and wherever you want as these are easily available in major restaurants as well. 

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