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 Keto Diet In India

What Is The Scope Of The Keto Diet In India?


The Keto diet is trending throughout the world. From fitness freaks to influencers to people suffering from different diseases follow this special low carb and high fats diet and come out with a better health than before.

The basic goal of the Keto dieter is to consume foods which are rich in sources of fat and have adequate protein so that the body starts utilizing the healthy fats instead of carbs as the primary source of energy. 

On a keto meal, the carb intake decreases and the body starts falling short on carbs to produce energy and it starts attaining Ketosis which is the breaking down fats and proteins for energy in the form of amino acids and fatty acids, thus making them the primary source of energy for the body.

Keto cures a wide range of ailments from burn fat and helping to lose weight to treating many heart diseases, nervous system diseases, chronic disorders, brain diseases, epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease etc. The Keto diet has been known to cure some rare kinds of cancers as well, if detected early. 

It also reduces the risk factors caused by long term diseases and by old age health problems. The Keto friendly diet generally has no major side effects except a few like those of nausea, sugar cravings, headache etc. in the first few days of the diet due to Keto flu. 


Gone are the days when Indians would be unknown to new trends in the world. In today's scenario, every Indian is a health freak and diets like Keto and Vegan are being followed by many Indians across the country.

The major reason behind this is the people's awareness towards their well being, good health with the advent of time. Keto is not a new concept in India but is in its initial stages due to the increasing cases of diseases like type 2 diabetes in the country. 

People have a comparatively busy lifestyle due to which they are not able to exercise frequently, do gym or yoga, they take up unhealthy eating habits and in the long term develop many ailments which the Keto meal plan has the ability to cure. Nowadays not only already diagnosed patients but also weight conscious youth and middle aged people follow the diet and live a healthy life. 

Moreover the scope of the Keto diet is increasing day by day as people in metropolitan cities and other tier B cities try this diet for a healthy lifestyle. The Indian cuisine has readily accepted the Keto diet and authentic keto Indian dishes can be found in every major Indian restaurant.


The Indian cuisine has always been rich in carbohydrates, it is one of the major parts of every Indian's daily meal platter. Be it Basmati Rice of northern India or Idli from South India, they are just too high in carbs.

So following a low carb diet has been a little challenging for the common Indian man but with the growth of the Ketogenic diet in India, the Indian cuisine has now a plethora of options for the Indian keto dieters. 

Earlier there were only a few food options for the Indians Today, there are many vegan and non vegan meat dishes in Indian foods which can be consumed on a keto diet to get good results from it. 

Here is a great example of an Indian Keto Diet Plan for a day.
  • Breakfast: Paneer Bhurji/Paneer Tandoori/ vegetable salad or fruit salad containing avocados, blueberries, apples. 
  • Lunch: Omega 3 Fatty Fish/ Palak Paneer/Baingan Bharta (EggPlant Curry) 
  • Snacks: Spinach Mushroom Soup, Nuts roasted in Olive Oil/ Sprouts
  • Dinner: Butter Chicken/Paneer Makhhani/ Legumes



BREAKFAST - Sliced Strawberries & Apples
LUNCH - Capsicum Paneer Curry/ Palak Paneer
SNACKS - Boiled Eggs sprinkled with garam masala
DINNER - Keto Naan with Coconut Curry

BREAKFAST - Buttermilk/ Keto Cookie
LUNCH - Butter Chicken/ Butter Paneer
SNACKS - Coconut Porridge (cooked in clay oven)
DINNER - Deep Fry Spicy Cheese Mix Curry


BREAKFAST - Bulletproof Coffee & Flax Seeds
LUNCH - Broccoli Mushroom Soup / Chicken Soup
SNACKS - Keto Special Olive Pizza
DINNER - Egg Omelette with Mint Chutney


BREAKFAST - Spinach Pie/ Roll & Chia Seeds
LUNCH - Cauliflower Rice/ Keto Dosa/ Cucumbers
SNACKS- Water Soaked Mustard Seed
DINNER- Mayo Cauliflower/ Mutton Seekh Kebabs


BREAKFAST - Almonds & Walnuts, Sprouts 
LUNCH - Eggplant Curry/ Smoked Salmon Pieces
SNACKS- Strawberries/ Green Tea
DINNER - Peanut Butter & Omelette 

BREAKFAST - Keto Dosa/ Keto Muffins
LUNCH - Cauliflower Rice/ Matar Paneer
SNACKS - Herbal Tea with cardamom cinnamon 
DINNER - Shredded Chicken in Soy Sauce 

BREAKFAST - Bulletproof Coffee/ Buttermilk
LUNCH - Chicken Broth & Veggie Soup
SNACKS-  Keto Cardamom Pancakes 
DINNER - Scrambled Eggs/ Broccoli Curry

If you are a vegan you can follow up with the Vegan diet and if you are a non vegetarian you can go with both the diet plans as per your wish. This is the major advantage of the Keto diet that you can choose what to eat unlike a vegan diet which keeps you restricted to only vegetarian diet. 


It can be said undoubtedly that the Keto diet has spread its legs into the Indian cuisine and the people have readily accepted it too due to the numerous health benefits it offers. 

Most people nowadays are suffering from problems like obesity, diabetes etc. Keto diet is one of the most versatile, comparatively easier to follow, has a plethora of food options and thus it is the favorite diet of many dieters out there.

Indian restaurants have customized their menu according to the popular dishes which are Keto friendly, so, even if you wish to dine in somewhere outside, you need not worry about consuming more carbs because the market already has Keto meal plans for you. The important part which goes unsaid is that it can be a little challenging to follow the Keto diet in the beginning but it is worthy for a healthy living and thus recommended for the long term. With the 7 day Indian Keto Diet Plan provided above, you can kickstart your Keto diet and then go with the flow.

Good Luck!
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