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What Is Keto Diet? How Safe Is It?

Thinking your way and brainstorming for the perfect alternative that might help you out with the bulging toe of the excess weight added to you back. Maybe thinking about the future and having the urge to be healthy. Or thinking of a better solution to follow the plans and nutrient enrichment without having to pay your ‘heavy on the pocket’ gym subscription.

Not asking you to commit to a strict plan and getting yourself up at 5am in the morning and finding yourself on the treadmill by 6 and eating a bland breakfast at 9. Compromising your morning latte with green tea and your daily meals with salads with just leaves you’ve seen goats munch on.

Looking up for a diet plan tailored to your lazy bones old enough to get up for the gym but also asking for a diet to fulfil your needs for a flatter stomach and the perfect health at the end of the day and that too in a jiffy.

Why do I choose a Keto diet?

Keeping your heart healthy and checking on the high blood cholesterol levels and type 2 diabetes and easing the blood flow by cutting down on the harmful fats and that too in the easiest way possible.

If any of the reasons sound familiar. Then you sure dropped in to the right place by clicking on the right link. Discussing one of the most trending diet plans maybe as a matter of interest because Kanye West talks about it. Or because of the ridiculously and scary fast method of trimming down that excessive belly fats down to the best shape.

Generally focussing on the harmful effects of carbohydrate diets creating a whirlpool and storm of insulin imbalances in the body. A faster way of burning fat and taking a step to a healthy lifestyle by regulating and maintaining the balance of the total cholesterol levels for your smooth fat loss journey with none other than the saviour of the hour, the ‘Keto Diet’.

Keto and Low carb

A general term of low carb nature, the Keto Diet closely resembles the Atkins diet. Making you get the calories and energy from fats and proteins that you would be asked to consume rather than drain energy from the carbohydrates consumed. Using up the excessive fats and cholesterol stored under your skin to fuel your day with the active energy and all of it while making you fit. Now what can be better than this?

Cutting down on nearly all of the carbohydrates and the easily digesting products such as white bread and fizz drinks. Living on nearly 50 grams of carbohydrates for an entire day does eventually push the body to a state of starvation and to an extent where the existing fats in the body are broken down for the energy that you may require. The entire process being termed under the gaudy name of ‘ketosis’.

Although it sounds like something coming out of the nutrition books of higher education ketosis is a process readily present in the entire state of a ketogenic diet. Not forcing you in the state of starvation as we want to keep it simple and easy on the mind. 

But keeping the body in the state of an insulin deficiency, not fueled by the sugars and carb intakes but by the existing fats and proteins which in any way, you wanted to get rid of. Maybe from the internet or the immense long trending articles on the plan, the ‘Keto Diet’ is proven to be one of the best diets to be followed in order to lose weight and that too in the easy way. Helping out with a huge list of health problems that might include epilepsy, heart and cardiovascular diseases, acne and certain brain diseases as well.

Counting the benefits

Now. Who doesn’t want a diet plan which imposes no restriction to loving and pampering your taste buds with good food as well as helping you out with your overall health? 

Helping you lose those extra inches faster than the other bland diets that someone may suggest you to follow, added upon with intense free hand exercises and expensive gym memberships. Shedding the excess in just the first 3 to 6 months with the calories being burnt as your body burns the fats as energy for your active days.

Also getting rid of the midnight trips to the fridge for snacks by reducing appetite and fulfilling your stomach with delicious high fat and high protein food.

Wait, what did you just notice in the above lines? ‘High Fat’? How does a high fat diet help you lose fats in your body? Here to prove and set a meaning to the proverb of ‘Killing poison with poison’ the unsaturated fats or in simple terms ‘good fats’ provided to your body in a keto diet with a low carb intake is the solution. 

Getting rid of the easily removable and energy providing good fats that you might consume as well as the excess saturated fats to provide you with all the rest that you might need.

Targeting a hormone responsible for diabetes and in some cases even cancer and where is the harm in reducing it then? Insulin rushes storing the sugars and carb intakes as fuel in the body rather than burn them out can be the actual reason for the love of sugar giving you love handles. The ketogenic diet helps you burn through the sugars and not store them in for the winters.

The in turn lower levels of insulin may help you mitigate and protect you against certain cancer or even cease and stop or maybe slow down the growth of harmful cancer cells. Also mitigating the risk factors for the heart by low carb diets.

 Helping your body generate the harmful cholesterol that might give rise to high blood pressure, heart diseases and other adverse health effects which in any form, you want to get rid of.

Umm, talking about the gaudy terms of cardiovascular diseases and inter artery cholesterol as diseases that show internal effects, a ketogenic diet might even help you look good whilst getting you in a good shape to make a 360-degree beauty solution. 

Reducing acne on your face is directly linked to your carbohydrate intake and a hike in insulin rushes causing the outbreak just before you need to look good at a party. Keeping the cholesterol and Insulin in chains, and keto saves the day.

Cannot help but discuss the facts of the diet also helping you reduce your blood sugar levels which is surely a blessing to your diabetes. 

While at the same time helping out with controlling seizures in epilepsy. Not forgetting about it being good for your spine to support your health with a healthy nervous system. Having positive effects on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other sleep disorders.

High levels of insulin can also be the reason for the development of enlarged ovaries and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. A ketogenic diet lowering both the need for insulin and the levels of insulin in the body might be the perfect option for you to gain benefits without even having to make the slightest of changes in your lifestyle.

Are you someone who is already in the process of getting yourself fit? Or maybe you are an athlete yourself and are the fittest. A keto diet is sure to help you ace your game, helping your body maintain the fat to muscle ratio and building the oxygen levels in your body to push yourself harder and faster to the finishing line. Helping you out in your intense training sessions.

It all comes with a small price to pay. Constipation, low blood sugar levels, indigestion and mild fever might be some of the symptoms of your body adjusting to this healthy lifestyle and getting used to the low carb intakes. 

Lasting for just a couple of weeks this ‘Keto Flu’ is a small phase to you striving to a fit tomorrow. Mild headaches, irritations, weakness, bad breath and fatigue might add up. But it is surely a small phase, and you can endure it for a fit body, right?

Taking away a mind boggling 53% of chances of you meeting with a heart attack or stroke with not only a short-term benefit but privileges lasting for a lifetime. Reducing your total cholesterol levels with just a few changes to your diets with a simple keto diet plan. 

Maybe changing your cooking oil with olive oil? Or looking back at keto low carb alternatives? Well, you are smart enough to figure it out yourself. A heart healthy life to get you to the perfect shape and the perfect lifestyle by not having to keep your mouth void of the tasty treats that you might be devouring on any office break or on a chill weekend home movie session.

Helping you with everything that you may ask for and that too without even feeling of the process being a diet. And a ‘diet’ for its name only.

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