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What Happens To The Body On A Fast?

What Happens To The Body On A Fast?

Fasting is the holy grail of human wellness. Homo Sapiens have evolved under a lot of dietary resource crunch. The body has therefore evolved to optimize resource utilization and repair itself when placed under such pressures. Fasting is a natural dietary tool that results in cell repair, growth hormone rises and immune cell regeneration.

Let’s see the stages that the human body goes through while on a fast.

  1. Stage 01: 0 to 4 Hours After A Meal – High Blood Sugar
    Up to 4 hours after having a meal, your blood sugar remains high. The body is flushed with insulin to remove this blood sugar and convert it into glycogen. This spike in insulin results in a sugar crash due to which people start feeling hungry after 4 hours of a meal. The higher the glycaemic index of your meal the greater this crash will be. This is why high carb food keeps people hooked onto eating a lot.
  2. Stage 02: 4 to 8 Hours After A Meal – Low Blood Sugar
    Blood sugar starts to drop and starts moving towards its normal levels.
  3. Stage 03: 8 to 12 Hours After A Meal – Blood Sugar Is Normal
    Your blood sugar only returns to normal levels 12 hours after a meal – Imagine what you put your body through when you consume high carb food.
  4. Stage 04: 12 to 18 Hours After A Meal – Partial Ketosis
    This is the beginning of the Ketosis State. Ketosis is a metabolic state that allows your body to burn fat instead of sugars or glycogen. At this stage the body is fueled by both metabolic pathways – Ketosis and Glycolysis.
  5. Stage 05: 18 to 28 Hours After A Meal – Ketosis and Fat Burning
    The body primarily starts utilizing fats for energy. This state results in increased Ketone Bodies (or Keto Bodies) in your system. Research indicates that this state is also linked with overall decrease in inflammation in the body. Rejuvenation and healing processes start to kick in. You start to feel more alert and attentive.
  6. Stage 06: 28 to 48 Hours After A Meal – Autophagy
    This state is a state of self-repair. The self-repair mechanism programmes within every cell of the body are triggered. Damaged components are broken down and consumed for energy – new and more effective components are created. You will start to see the impact on your skin. Autophagy is extremely important in preventing several conditions like Alzheimer’s.
  7. Stage 07: 48 to 60 Hours After A Meal – Growth Hormone Rises
    The level of growth hormones in your body is now significantly higher than when you started fasting. Growth Hormone is vital for muscle repair and growth.
  8. Stage 08: 60 to 72 Hours After A Meal – Insulin Level Normalization
    Your insulin levels are now absolutely back to normal. This is great news for people with pre-diabetes and diabetes.
  9. Stage 09: 72 to 144 Hours After A Meal – Immune Cell Regeneration
    Immune cells start regenerating at a very rapid pace. Your immunity after 144 Hours of a fast will go through the roof.
  10. Stage 10: 144 to 288 Hours After A Meal – Emotional Mastery Over Hunger
    Something fundamentally changes in your understanding of food. You no longer feel that eating food 3 times a day or even every day is important. You start feeling that quality nutrition is more important that eating all the time. All your myths about food and lack of it are melted away and you feel a sense of serenity since you have mastered one of your basic senses – Hunger.
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