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What Do Vegans Eat As Junk Food

What Do Vegans Eat As Junk Food?

Our relationship with junk food has always been complicated. While on one hand we want to stay healthy, fit and free from diseases by eating only healthy food and doing physical exercise, on the other hand we want to just sit back relaxing with our favorite noodles and pizzas. The fact that foods like noodles and pizzas are junk and unhealthy haunts our idea of being fit and we somehow either kill our cravings or don't follow a healthy diet. 

Going both the ways are wrong because neither of them would provide internal satisfaction which is one of the most important elements on a diet. Imagine if someone told you that you can be on a healthy vegan diet and still munch on your favorite junk foods without them being high on calories. Surprised? Well, we've got you covered with some amazing healthy junk food options which you just can't miss on eating.  


1. Dark Chocolate 

Dark Chocolate has to be one of the healthiest vegan junk foods ever. Yes you heard that right. In comparison to the other sweet caramelized chocolates, dark chocolates are made of better quality cacao, they contain fiber and proteins as well. Dark chocolate is made from 70% milk and cacao while the rest are sugar and flavors. An added advantage of dark chocolate is that it facilitates weight loss as well and helps to lose weight. 

The craving for having a dark chocolate can be intense and if you're craving for it, try to look for dark chocolate bars which contain more than 70% cacao which balances or neutralizes the over sugary coating on the bar and makes it even more healthy and satisfying. Dark chocolates are known to trigger the happiness hormone and cure depression, anxiety as well, thus making it a happy go lucky healthy junk. 


2. Popcorn

All of us have had sweet and savoury flavors of popcorns at the movies or as a pastime snack. Popcorn is one of the most famous vegan junk foods ever known. Made from corn, they obviously carry the nutritional values of maize and are rich in carbs and fiber, are crunchy and tasty. While talking of a junk yet healthy snacking option, herb popcorns made in butter or extra virgin olive oil can turn out to be a healthy option. This way you'll stay away from the extra fats, sugar and spices and munch on your healthy junk. One must try not to buy market processed popcorn since they are unhealthy, herb popcorns are easy to make and store at home. 


3. Oatmeal Cookies

Who wouldn't love to be offered cookies on a diet! But are you worrying that cookies can only be made with eggs, dairy products and are junk, well you are wrong and we are here to debunk a myth with this recipe of oatmeal cookies which would be a delight of a dieter, non- dieter, everyone. Healthy vegan oatmeal cookies don't contain any flour, eggs or extra sugar which makes them a great snack option. Generally made with raisins, nuts, honey, maple syrup, oatmeals, cinnamon and cardamom, oatmeal cookies are free of unhealthy ingredients and can be consumed during any time of the day. 


4. Vegan Pizza

It is painful to know that nowadays pizza has become synonymous with oily, greasy, white flour dough junk full of unhealthy fats and causing health related problems. Pizza can be much healthier and much more delicious than that when made from the best quality ingredients. When pizza is made with wholesome, plant-based ingredients, pizza definitely doesn’t deserve its reputation as a junk food. Our version of pizza is full of veggies, herbs, healthy spices and tasty sauces. When pizza is made from wheat flour, herb sauces and veggies such as tomatoes, onions, capsicum, olives etc, it would turn out to be a powerpack of health and taste.


5. Vegan Burger

Do you also consider burgers synonymous with unhealthy bread loafs, oily dressings of chicken and overcooked veggies. Well you're not wrong but you can make your own healthier version of vegan burgers which would not only fulfill your craving of having a burger and still not consume unhealthy and bad cholesterol and fats. The idea of a vegan burger comes from whole wheat dough bread loafs, extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed coconut oil stuffed with vegan cheese, cheddar, tasty sauteed veggies, sauces, herbs and spices giving the desired amount of healthy carbs, fats, proteins and minerals the body needs and also the deliciousness of a healthy vegan burger. 


6. Banana Chips

Potato chips is apparently everyone's favourite but also considered to be one of the unhealthiest chips that we know. They contain a lot of burnt oil and unhealthy fats which leads to a lot of diseases in the long term but this does not mean that you need to cut down your consumption of your favorite chips to zero. Healthy and tasty banana chips are always there for your rescue.

Dieters and experts say that banana chips are nearly fat-free and represent a comparatively healthy junk snack if you eat them in moderation and remember to brush your teeth afterward. However, fresh bananas allow you to gain the same nutritional benefits without increasing your fat intake. Mostly banana chips are made in fresh coconut oil but if you are willing to eat an even healthier version of it, you can bake the chips and store them for later use as well. 

banana chips


There are endless healthy vegan fast food options that will never make you miss your old diet of non vegetarian junk or unhealthy pizza, burgers and desserts full of fats, sugar and carbs. These healthy junks are great snacking options and way too nutritious and tasty to be called junk if at all junk means unhealthy and bad for health. Ingredients such as whole wheat flour, cold pressed extra virgin oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, vegan cheese, vegan spices, veggies, breakfast cereals and herbs have the capacity to make any dish healthy and tasty and the above mentioned recipes are great examples of them. Do try out these amazing junk food options and maybe sit back and relax for a day without stressing about extra calories or fats on your diet. 

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