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Vegan Alternatives To Meat, Dairy And Egg Products

Vegan Alternatives To Meat, Dairy And Egg Products

Veganism has become a new trend and the dieters around the globe don't want to lose this chance of being a trendsetter for promoting the noble cause. Veganism aims to totally curtail and avoid every possible use of animal products, directly and indirectly in the vegan dieters' life. Starting from clothing, fmcg products to diet, veganism aims to cut down the animal made products to zero.

A great initiative and trend, veganism not only creates awareness about the many deadly diseases which can be spread from animal based products but also reduces the cruelty towards animals, wherein they are killed for human consumption in meals (milk, honey, eggs, meat) and other kinds such as clothing etc. 

However, there are certain nutrients which are mostly available in animal products only, eg, Salmon and Tuna fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Cow's milk is considered to be the most nutritious. Here we present to you healthy and easy substitutes for various animal products.


This blog talks about some of the most common vegan versions of traditional animal-based foods, which are available at most grocery stores and markets around us. We would find that most of these alternatives are actually based from Soya, Tofu or Wheat Flour, Vegetables Whole Grains, Flour etc since these are the products that make the foundation of the vegan diet apart from the plant based foods. 

1. MILK - Milk is a major animal based product which is a part of everyone's life in some or the other way. Milk can easily be replaced by soy milk, rice milk, or oat milk. These are excellent replacements in baking too. However there are limitations as well, the nutrition which cow milk can provide will be much more than the nutrition the soya milk could provide but this can be adjusted by taking other calcium rich vegan foods.

2. BACON - It can be replaced by plant-based bacon options such as Coconut Bacon.

3. BEEF JERKY - Beef Jerky can be replaced by a soy- or wheat-based jerky.

4. BUTTER  - Butter is also a common non vegan food which is mostly and easily replaced by dairy-free margarine. Any brand made with non-hydrogenated oils is recommended for a vegan diet. 

5. CAKES - Nowadays with readymade cake and brownie batters comprising vegan flour,  cakes can be made with dairy-free, egg-free mixes and without the use of eggs as well.

6. CHEESE - Animal based cheese can be replaced by soy- or rice-based cheese. Be aware that many brands still contain casein (a milk protein). There are vegan cheese options as well as which are made from soil or tofu and are highly nutritious. 

7. CHOCOLATE  - The commonly found chocolates are mainly made up of milk which is an animal product. The best alternative to chocolate can be the dark chocolate which is mostly made from the cocoa. 

8. COOKIES - It is a myth that cookies and cakes cannot be made with or without milk can be made without eggs or dairy products such as whipped cream. Healthy and tasty cookies can be made with wheat flour and extra virgin olive oil/ coconut oil. 

9. WHIPPED CREAM - The animal milk based whipped cream can easily be replaced by Tofu, Soy based or Nut based alternatives for making cakes, cookies etc. 

10. DELI MEATS - Deli Meats can be replaced by soy- or gluten-based sandwich slices. 

11. EGGS - Eggs can be replaced in frying, egg salad, and baking. Mashed tofu combined with a little turmeric or with a mix is a nice alternative to scrambled eggs. Tasty tofu mixes are also available for easy eggless "egg" salad. Eggs can be replaced in baking too. For each egg, substitute a teaspoon of soy flour and a tablespoon of water, or slightly less than a 1/4 cup of mashed banana. 


12. GELATIN - Oftentimes the dieters are unknown from the fact that gelatin is actually a protein which is obtained by boiling animal bones, tendons, ligaments, hooves, and/or skin. It is a common ingredient in jellied candies, frosted toaster pastries and cereals, Jell-O, etc. Alternatives include carrageenan, agar-agar, china grass, fruit pectin, and locust bean gum.

13. GROUND BEEF - Ground beef can easily be replaced by healthy soy-based varieties.

14. HAMBURGERS - The hamburgers can be easily replaced by soy, grain or vegetable-based burgers. Some taste very much like traditional burgers, while others have an original taste of their own. Likewise, Hot Dogs can be replaced by soy/tofu dogs or can be made without meat and only veggies, vegan cheese. 

15. ICE CREAM - After the advent of veganism,  many soyi based vegan ice creams are available in major outlets as well. The animal product is easily replaced by soy- or rice-based frozen desserts. They are so good that one cannot tell the difference. 

16. MAYONNAISE - Mayonnaise is one of the major condiments that we use in our daily meals. It is easily replaced by eggless or tofu-based alternatives, without any major differences felt in the taste. 

17. MILK - Milk is a major animal based product which is a part of everyone's life in some other way. Milk can easily be replaced by soy milk, rice milk, or oat milk. These are excellent replacements in baking too. 

18. PARMESAN CHEESE - Parmesan Cheese can be easily replaced by a soy-based parmesan alternative. 

19. PEPPERONI  - Pepperoni is one of the major toppings of the pizza. It is easily replaced by the much healthier soy-based varieties available.

20. WHEY - Whey is a non vegan serum obtained from cow's milk. Soybean whey is a good alternative to the cow's milk whey and is equally healthy.

21. YOGURT - The milk based yogurt can now be replaced by soy yogurt. Several brands are now available commercially. You can even make your own non-dairy yogurt with the help of a vegan.


With the advantage of Veganism, Vegan diet and plant based foods are paving their way in the market. The common people are now getting empathetic towards the voiceless animals and leaving the non vegetarian diet. Taking up a vegan lifestyle not only makes the body strong and immune to other diseases such as avoiding animal bone diseases (one of the biggest examples could be the present COVID-19 virus, which is allegedly borne from a bat) but also promotes peace and makes the world a safe place for the animals to live.

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