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Top 8 Foods To Cleanse Your Liver 

Top 8 Foods To Cleanse Your Liver 

Liver is one of the most important and the largest organs of our body which controls most of the metabolic functions of the body. It is located in the upper right portion of the abdomen  beneath the diaphragm and above our stomach. However a small portion extends into the upper left quadrant. All the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver and it processes this blood and breaks down, balances, and creates the nutrients and also metabolizes drugs into forms that are easier to use for the rest of the body or that are nontoxic. 

The primary functions of the liver include:

  • Production of Bile and excretion.
  • Excretion of Bilirubin, Cholesterol, hormones. 
  • Metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • Activation of important enzymes.
  • Storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals.

The dietary recommendations for proper liver cleansing diets are generally in line with a healthy eating plan. These diets usually suggest avoiding more sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and fatty foods, while increasing intake of grains, water, fresh fruits and vegetables. In particular they focus on eating unprocessed foods. Here are some foods which help in liver cleansing and keep it healthy. 

1. TEA

Tea is widely considered to be beneficial for health, but evidence has shown that it may have benefits for the liver. Studies show that drinking 5-10 cups of green tea a day was associated with improved blood markers of liver health. This may be down to a compound known to assist liver function named catechin. Green tea is packed full of this plant antioxidant. Just be mindful of green tea extract as it can have a negative effect.


This includes, but is not limited to, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale. These vegetables are a major source of glutathione, which triggers the toxin cleansing enzymes of the liver. Eating cruciferous vegetables will increase production of glucosinolate in your system, which helps flush out carcinogens and other toxins.


In addition to its use as a spice and pigment, turmeric has been used in India for medicinal purposes for centuries. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, and it has powerful biological properties. This spice helps the enzymes that flush out toxins and contains antioxidants that repair liver cells. It also assists the liver in detoxing metals, while boosting bile production.


While also providing a big hit of vitamin C, citrus fruits stimulate the liver and aid the synthesizing of toxic materials into substances that can be absorbed by water. Grapefruit is particularly beneficial as it contains two primary antioxidants: naringin and naringenin. These may help protect the liver from injury by reducing inflammation and protecting the liver cells.


Beets also contain vitamin C and a healthy dose of fiber which are both natural cleansers for the digestive system. But more impressively, beets assist with increasing oxygen by cleansing the blood, and can break down toxic wastes to help them be excreted quicker. They stimulate bile flow and boost enzymatic activity in the body. Beet juice helps to accelerate weight loss, purifies the blood, helps with high blood pressure, detoxifies the body and the liver, and helps with the creation of red blood cells.


Garlic is loaded with sulphur, which activates liver enzymes that help your body flush out toxins. Garlic also holds high amounts of selenium. Selenium is an essential micronutrient that has been shown to help boost the natural antioxidant enzyme levels in our livers. Supplementing with selenium gives our livers even more ammunition in the fight against the damage caused by oxidative stress.


Walnuts are a good source of glutathione, omega-3 fatty acids, and the amino acid arginine, which supports normal liver cleansing actions, especially when detoxifying ammonia. Walnuts are amongst the most beneficial for reducing fatty liver disease. This is due to their higher antioxidant and fatty acid content. Walnuts have the most omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, as well as polyphenol antioxidants.


Although it is a fat, olive oil is considered a healthy fat. Cold-pressed organic oils such as olive, hemp, and flaxseed offer great support for the liver, providing the body with a liquid base that can suck up harmful toxins in the body. It has also been shown to decrease the levels of fat in the liver. Extra Virgin Olive oil is also a great liver cleanser and otherwise as well it has great health benefits and should be included in the balanced diet. 

olive oil


Health is Wealth. Liver is just another important organ of our body like other vital organs. It is necessary that we cross check our allergies (if any) to any food and in moderation have a balanced diet to maintain a healthy living. Some of the health mantras include maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, avoiding toxins and the use of illicit drugs and alcohol.

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