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Protein Shakes On Keto Diet

Protein Shakes On Keto Diet

Protein is the most important and essential component in the keto diet. It is observed that approximately 20-25% of your macros should be of protein. It is helpful in various metabolism procedures in the body. It helps in growth, repair and maintenance procedure of tissue and muscles.

High protein diet is also advised in keto diet because it aids in the weight loss procedure. It is done by helping you feel full for hours until your next meal. Protein content maintains the satiety level in a person and reduces the amount of in between munching of snacks.

If we focus on the protein shakes, then it is a great alternative for the people who do not consume non- vegetarian food. Proteins shakes can render you approximately 10-30 grams of protein in one go. They are also good for the people who have much more physical activity in a day.


Protein shakes might include many additive calories which we might not think about. Other than that there are various other ingredients which can disturb the amount of calorie intake in your diet. It is advised that you use a qualitative keto protein powder with low or no sugar content. Some things to keep in mind are:

  •  Protein source – Whey protein isolate powder has been the most readily available form of protein powder which is especially grass fed. The substitute of whey protein can be beef protein isolate.These protein sources are bioavailable as well which means that they let the body to fragment and absorb the amount of amino acids from the protein shakes.
  • Sugar and carbohydrates – You must keep in mind that the addition of various fruits can elevate the amount of calorie intake in your body. The fruits you add in your shake should be the part of your keto diet plan.
  • Inflammation – There are certain ingredients which are low on carbohydrate but can have an inflammation problem. This may also get you out of ketosis if taken in excess.
  • Healthy fats – Some of the protein shakes also add a certain amount of fats in it to fulfill the requirement of the diet plan. In that case you can add healthy fats such as coconut oil or avocado oil. Even cottage cheese is a healthy option.


Protein has been an important source in the food for various purposes. It helps in the weight loss procedures as well as when you want to control the blood sugar levels. People who are into regular exercising and body building also consume protein powders in their daily lives.

It is true that protein powders are just a substitute of the protein which you can consume through your daily diet. Protein powders also make sure that you are consuming the right amount of protein with all the known ingredients in it.

People who are following the keto diet generally turn towards protein powders to supplement their diet. But, you need to make sure that the protein powder you are choosing for yourself must contain enough ingredients to not bring you out of ketosis.There are various types of protein powders which are low in carbohydrate and are sugar free. Some of them are:


Whey protein isolate is a type of protein which is derived from dairy products. Because of this reason they are easy to digest and do not cause diarrhea issues like any other protein powder. The protein shake prepared from whey protein perfectly complements the milk.

There are two types of whey proteins. One is concentrated and the other is an isolated form of whey protein. During the manufacturing of the whey protein isolate, the lactose and milk sugar is concentrated from the raw ingredient which in turn leaves a condensed product which is known as whey protein concentrate.

A scoop of whey protein concentrate consists of approximately 25 grams of proteins and 4-5 grams of carbohydrate. It is then again processed and condensed to form whey protein isolate.

Whey protein isolate is rich in pure amounts of protein with the lowest amount of carbohydrates. It also helps in increasing your strength and gaining muscles. Those who have been willing to reduce weight can also observe a significant amount of weight loss.

It contains many nutrients other than protein which brings about many biological changes in the body.


Casein is a type of protein which is found in the milk. It is a high quality protein powder which can be easily digested unless you are allergic to lactose. Though the digestion process may be a little slower than the whey protein powder.

The slow digestion process makes it worth it for the people who are on keto dieting and reach an adequate amount of satiety level. Casein powders are low in carbohydrate levels and provide adequate amounts of protein.

Except protein they also contain good amounts of calcium which maintains the bone health, muscle contractions and also blood clotting.

TIP: Casein protein powder has the tendency to thicken up while preparing a protein shake. So it’s better if you add in a little water to maintain the consistency.


Collagen is a structural protein which is found in body parts such as hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments and tendons. Collagen is generally composed of various formations of amino acids. It helps in providing healthy skin and healthy joints.

They are also extracted from the animal byproducts such as cowhide, bones, chicken bones, eggshell membranes and fish scales. Because of the adequate amount of amino acid in the collagen, they are also called collagen peptides.

The collagen powders are generally tasteless and unflavored, so that makes it easy to prepare a protein shake or any other drink. Whereas there are flavored collagen protein powders as well which have a coating of medium chain triglycerides.

MCTs are nothing to be worried about; they provide you an extra source of fat fuel when you are on a restricted keto diet or general low carb diet.


Eggs have been the most readily available nutritious food which has become the most popular breakfast meal. Eggs consist of an adequate amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. It also contains choline which helps the brain and nervous system to function better.

The egg protein powder is prepared from the egg whites because the yolk consists of a high amount of calories. The yolks are removed and the remaining egg whites are dehydrated to be turned into powder.

There is a need to pasteurize the egg whites because of the presence of avidin. Avidin needs to be removed or deactivated because it tends to inhibit the absorption of the biotin vitamin.

There are various egg protein powders which consist of yolk as well and they are called egg-yolk protein powders. They are definitely rich in cholesterol levels which have been misunderstood to increase the cholesterol levels in your body.

The studies have been conducted which have proven that egg yolk protein powder is not linked with the elevation of cholesterol levels.


Soybeans or soya bean is a type of legume which is grown mostly in East Asia. They are edible and have numerous health benefits. Those who suffer from gluten sensitivity have been relying on soy milk since ages.

Soybeans are rich in protein. 100 gram of soybean consists of approximately 36 gram of protein. They are perfect for those who suffer from gluten sensitivity and want to shift to a secure non lactose option.

Soy protein powder is manufactured by drying up the beans and grinding them into a powdered form. They are also processed to form soy protein isolate which have a higher amount of pure proteins and are carbohydrate free. Unflavored soy bean protein powder is free of any additives whereas flavored protein powder might have some sugars as their additive.


There are various benefits of consumption of protein shakes and the powders.


If you are into workout then pre and post workout support is necessary for the body. The extensive exercises weaken the body and needs support metabolically. The protein shakes help in maintaining the muscle mass and recovers the body after workout. It also helps in building the muscle.

This is possible because of the presence of amino acids in the proteins which have been researched to decline the muscle loss related issues as the age progresses.The protein powders are also packed with the magnesium which maintains the physical performance of the body.


Soy protein isolate and whey protein isolate protein powders provides you the feeling of fullness or in other words maintains the satiety level. The presence of amino acids makes sure that there is a certain amount of weight loss without compromising muscle loss.

Some of the protein shakes also contain medium chain triglycerides which are broken down into ketones which helps the body to get into ketosis much faster.

Whereas there are some protein shakes which tend to contain nuts such as almonds and macadamia nuts which maintain the metabolic as well as immune system of the body in respective to the weight loss.


There is a very popular misconception that protein shakes and powders leads to digestion issues and decreases the gut health. Some of the protein powders which have whey or casein in it can produce anti-inflammatory molecules which helps in fighting with the gut related symptoms such as irritation and pain. It also tends to increase the absorption of the nutrients.


The preparation of keto protein shake requires a protein powder and to make it delicious for your taste buds, you can make it a little creamy with a few low carbohydrate diet and sugar free ingredients.

There can be times when you want to start your day with the protein shake as a breakfast meal or it can be an in between snack as well. Protein shakes have been proven to save time and the combination of ingredients can relieve the taste buds. Even if you are on a restrictive keto diet, it is good that if you take a high protein smoothie. One of the recipes is down below.

Carbohydrate intake – 4 gram of carbs per serving

Time – 10 minutes

Serving – 1 person


1 cup almond or soy milk (preferably unsweetened)

¼ cup of heavy cream

1 scoop of whey protein powder (or any other protein powder)

1 spoon cocoa powder

8-10 drops of stevia or swerve for taste

5-6 ice cubes


  •         Add all the ingredients in a blender and blend it until it’s smooth.
  •         Garnish it with cocoa powder, coconut shreds or banana.
  •         Serve it cold.

Protein shake is a good substitute for a complete meal. There is no harm if your consumption is one glass per day. For those who are into extensive exercises are much highly recommended to include protein shakes in their diet. Incorporate as many protein foods.

Stay Healthy!



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