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KFC Grilled Chicken on a Keto Diet: Yay or Nay?

KFC Grilled Chicken on a Keto Diet: Yay or Nay?

The quest for health and fitness has grown wider and stronger with time. People are leaving no stone unturned to get a flat tummy, healthy skin and a healthy lifestyle. Keto lifestyle has been a relatively novel and most effective approach to weight loss. Whether you have chosen the keto lifestyle and love chicken, this article is for you. If you haven’t yet thought of keto, you definitely should. Things are only going to get worse!

So, better start today. Being a Chicken lover, in your pursuit of losing weight and getting fit with Keto, you definitely have this question doing rounds inside your mind: can I eat chicken on a keto diet? More specifically, can I eat KFC Grilled chicken on a ketogenic diet? After all, what chicken lover doesn’t love Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Grilled chicken?!

In the following section of this article, we will answer the same question. If you are on a keto diet, you should know what to eat and what not to eat. And when you are a non-vegetarian, you need to more careful. Before answering the question about the grilled chicken, let’s try to understand what a keto diet is.

What is a Keto diet?

The science behind weight loss revolves around ‘Ketosis’. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which fat provides most of the fuel for the body, instead of carbohydrates. When there are not enough carbs in the body, which is the preferred fuel source in your body, your body goes into a state called Ketosis. 

During Ketosis, your body is programmed into effectively utilizing fats for energy, without sacrificing for your calorie and other nutrient requirements.Therefore attaining Ketosis is the prerequisite for weight loss and health regime. Keto diet restricts your carbohydrate intake and helps in attaining Ketosis. 

A Ketogenic diet is low-carb, moderate protein, and a high-fat diet. A typical Ketogenic diet starves your body of carbohydrates by limiting the intake of carbs below 5%. This stimulates your body to go into a metabolic state called ketosis.

Ketosis is an induced metabolic state wherein your body actively uses fats as a primary energy source. Your body starts to burn those fats and help you lose those extra kilos.

The most important aspect of a Keto diet is that your body should go into Ketosis. As long as you follow a planned and organized keto diet, the chances of being there are always high. 

A ketogenic diet is known to be restrictive. It always encourages you to eat healthy food- healthy fats, and moderate proteins. Taking on a keto diet might be easy but sustaining a keto diet for long isn’t. Your cravings will sometimes, force you into leaving the keto diet. The thing that you should focus on is that you should try to search for varied foods, snacks, and other fast food that is good for your keto. 

Keeping your carb intake at the minimum is the funda. You need to eat anything after researching what it can do to you and how it can affect your keto. 

KFC On A Keto Diet

When you are on a keto diet, most of the time, you have a dilemma. The dilemma gets serious when you don’t know if you should eat your favorite fast food or not. We have already shared a lot of blogs regarding the same questions. This time the question is rare, and we researched and found that people on a keto diet also face this dilemma when they visit KFC restaurants. 

KFC is loved by many for the obvious reasons- the tastiest chicken recipes being one. KFC makes the chicken so good that you can’t control your cravings but eat. When it comes to chicken lovers, KFC becomes a favorite. And we know, you too, are here to know the answer to your question: Can I eat KFC on a keto diet?.

One of the many options you get with KFC is the KFC Grilled Chicken. We also know that you love KFC Grilled Chicken so much that you can’t sacrifice your cravings even when you are on a keto diet.

The next section of the article will give you everything you are here for. Is KFC keto-friendly? Can I eat KFC Fried Chicken on a keto diet? Can I eat KFC Grilled Chicken on a keto diet? All of these questions will be answered.

Is KFC Keto-friendly?

It is always best to prepare your meals at home especially when you are on a Keto Diet but sometimes when you are short of time and on the go, it is understandable to have fast food. You can find low-carb food items wherever you go. If you are fond of KFC but in doubt, whether you can have Grilled Chicken there while you are on a Keto Diet, the answer is YES!

Though other chicken options at KFC may not be keto-friendly, the grilled chicken is. KFC Fried Chicken is not a healthy choice at all as it contains about 8-11 grams of carbs per medium-size piece whereas KFC Grilled Chicken is the healthiest option to consider when you are following a low-carb diet.

For a balanced meal, if you pair KFC Grilled Chicken with Green Beans or a side salad with the buttermilk ranch dressing, you can keep well within your diet goals. Each piece of KFC Grilled Chicken has less than 1 gram of carbs and Green Beans contain 2 grams of digestible carbs per serving. Voila!

The Bottom Lines

So the bottom line is: “There are only a few fast-food restaurants that offer some good low-carb options and KFC is one of them!”If you are thinking amount starting your keto regime or get to a keto diet, please give our other related articles a read. These articles will tell you the most things you need to know about the keto diet, its benefits, and probable side effects that you might face on a keto diet if you are having any related health issues.

We wish you good luck with your keto health regime!

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