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Keto Diet and Reduced Physical Performance

Keto Diet and Reduced Physical Performance

The Ketogenic Diet occupies a unique place in nutrition science across the world in the sense that it has the largest number of devotees and the largest number of critics at the same time. 

The unfortunate truth is that both camps – pro and against – are RIGHT! The school of thought that vehemently advocates the Ketogenic Lifestyle has undoubtedly experienced the sheer transformational power of this diet – both physical and mental health parameters.

It’s become widespread and the market is filled with brands that claim to be the best. Well, if you are planning to get fit, you may well be interested in a Ketogenic diet.   

The camp that thinks that Ketogenic Diet is an unhealthy fad is also right (in a sense) – The Ketogenic Diet can indeed have harmful effects BUT only when it is improperly and carelessly executed. This improper execution is something that takes away the essence of the Keto Diet and leads to various misconceptions regarding the same. 

Keto Diet And Athletic Performance

Keto diet and athletic performance or reduced physical performance are quite frequently quoted. Many people on a keto diet claim reduced energy levels for they don’t consume enough macros and just focus on the low-carb aspect. 

The opposition of a Ketogenic Diet is actually an opposition to an improperly executed Ketogenic Diet. The problem, therefore, lies with the improper, unguided and haphazard Ketogenic Diet Plan. The keto diet plan should take into consideration the important macros too.

As an example, consider any tool of common use – like a kitchen knife. A knife makes life easier in the kitchen. It is a great tool when used properly. It helps you take the good and cut the bad. In several cases, the improper and careless use of the knife might end up cutting and bruising you – Do you then blame the knife for improper usage?

It is the same for the Ketogenic Diet or for any other diet for that matter. The results of a healthy Ketogenic diet can be measured by the extent of its good execution. Though a tough one to follow among other diets, the results are rapid and impressive.

Diets such as Paleo, Atkins, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Vedic are designed for a specific purpose and for a specific time. These diets take into consideration the health conditions, goals, and other parameters of an individual.

Many people experience some symptoms like fatigue, headaches, energy slumps, etc. These symptoms go away with time and in case they don’t, you should consult your doctor. Some people suggest that a ketogenic diet can cause serious energy slumps and reduce physical performance. Is it true? Can a keto diet cause reduced physical performance? Are keto diet and athletic performance negatively related?

What Is A Keto Diet?

Usually, people who oppose the Keto Diet, think that a Ketogenic Diet is about mindless consumption of fats – bacon, ghee, oil, meats, etc. However, this could not be farther from the truth. In fact, one should try to stick to a vegetarian Keto as long as possible and consume healthy fats (polyunsaturated) – not any fats. Remember, you are on a Keto diet and not on a Fat-diet.

Normally our body consumes carbohydrates for energy. We, as Indians eat a lot of carbs and that leaves no room for fats to get digested. This extra fat gets deposited and leads to weight gain and related chronic conditions like diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid, etc. A Ketogenic diet helps you lose weight by getting your body into ketosis, a state wherein your body actively consumes fats rather than carbs. This is done by lowering your carb intake to less than 5%, but at the same time consuming more healthy fats and proteins.

A Ketogenic diet helps you lose weight by getting your body into ketosis, a state wherein your body actively consumes fats rather than carbs. Once you are successful at obtaining ketosis, miracles are bound to happen. The rapid weight loss, the reversal of chronic conditions, mental health benefits, better skin, and hair will blow your mind.

What Causes Reduced Physical Performance on Keto?

Changing from a high-carb diet to a low-carb diet brings down insulin levels in your body. This isn’t just solid yet, in addition, one of the essential objectives of a ketogenic diet. At the point when insulin levels are low, your liver starts changing over fat into ketones, which a large portion of your cells can use instead of glucose. At the point when your body is for the most part utilizing ketones and fat for energy, you’re in a condition of ketosis.

In any case, it takes your cerebrum and different organs some an opportunity to adjust to utilizing this new fuel. At the point when your insulin levels drop, your body reacts by discharging more sodium in the urine, alongside the water. Along these lines, you’ll most likely end up peeing much more regularly in the main week or so of a keto diet.

This change is in charge of a portion of the fast – and typically welcome! – the weight reduction that occurs in the beginning times of a keto diet. Be that as it may, losing a great deal of water and sodium is in charge of a large number of the unsavory side effects of keto flu.

It’s outstanding that the reaction to the keto change is an exceptional person. A few people may feel fine or somewhat worn out for multi-day or two in the wake of beginning keto. At the other extraordinary, there are the individuals who create indications that unequivocally sway their capacity to work for a few days.

During the first few weeks of pursuing the keto diet, your physical performance can get acutely decreased. Two of the fundamental causes leading to the same are as follows:

Deficiency of Fluids and Salts

Reduced physical performance is the reason behind most of the problems that arise early. Drink up a large glass of water with probably half a teaspoon of salt 30-60 minutes before you exercise and experience the difference!

Adapting to Burning Fat Over Glucose

This particular cause takes time to fix. It fairly takes time for your body to deviate from burning glucose to burning fat for energy, even in the muscles. This period of transition ranges from a few weeks to months altogether. Therefore, the more you exercise, the smoother it shall be this phase, while on an LCHF diet.

The ketogenic diet should be wholesome and shouldn’t deprive your body of the essential macros. Keto diet and Athletic performance are related in a negative way as long as you don’t get enough macros apart from keto foods. To get a keto diet plan based on your health priorities and eating habits, read our article Best Indian Keto Diet Plan.

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