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Keto Diet And Kidney Stones

Keto Diet And Kidney Stones

Keto diet and kidney stones have been correlated since the longest times. It is true for the fact that a ketogenic diet can lead to kidney stones but the probability of the same is a little less. The ketogenic diet also has certain misconceptions that it includes a high protein diet.

This theory has been proven wrong because the ketogenic diet includes high fat content and not protein. There might be certain people who would be following the diet in a wrong manner. Those groups of people have higher risk of kidney stones.


Keto diet is the most popular form of dieting which has come to fame in these modern times. The obsession of being a slim and healthy person, many people opt for keto diet. No doubt keto diet helps to lose weight but there can be people who have medical conditions.

It is important that you do not start any type of diet without consulting a nutritionist or a doctor.

Keto diet is a type of diet which focuses on low carb diets and high fat content with moderate amounts of macronutrients. Naturally, our body metabolizes the carbohydrate we consume and converts it into glucose for the energy purposes.

In keto diet, the carbohydrate levels are decreased to substantial amounts which leads to the usage of fat content to form ketone bodies. These ketone bodies are then used by the body for all the daily life activities and metabolism purposes. The burning fat takes over the glucose.

It is true that there can be certain complications with the keto diet but that is temporary and because of the shifting of the diet procedure. The temporary discomfort in the body could be because of the keto flu.

There is no research which states that keto flu can lead to the kidney stones. Some possible reasons for the keto diet leading to kidney stones will be mentioned later on in this article.


Kidney stones are biologically formed foreign structures which are present in kidneys. They are formed of various minerals and salts which fail to eliminate from the body and start accumulating in the kidneys.The initial stages of the stone formation will be a small body which starts setting up in the hollow structures of the kidneys.

There can be two possible ways for the stones either it could stay in a particular place and cause no pain in the region. The other way could be that kidney stone could travel down to the ureter (the region between kidney and bladder). Through ureter it can either be eliminated from the urine or get stuck in the region. This can cause many issues in the urinary bladder and lead to urinary tract infection or chronic kidney disease.

The common symptoms of the kidney stones could be:
  •         Pain in the side and back region of the kidney.
  •         Pain while passing urine.
  •         Pain in lower abdomen and groin.
  •         Foul smell in urine.
  •         Frequent urination
  •         Urinary tract infection


Kidney stones can also be made up of different minerals and salts. It solely depends on the accumulation of excessive waste. You can surely prevent kidney stones by consuming adequate amounts of fluids.

Some of the types of kidney stones are:

  1.     CALCIUM

Calcium is the most important macronutrient for the maintenance of bone health in the body. But the excessive accumulation of the calcium and sodium can form calcium oxalate stones.

More than calcium you will be advised to prohibit sodium in your diet. The risk of kidney stones increases when there is higher consumption of salt. The elimination process of sodium leads to the less re-absorption of calcium. In return it leads to the decreased amount of transfer of calcium back to the bloodstream.

  1.     URIC ACID

Uric acid is the waste product which needs to get eliminated. They are the crystal form present in the formed urine which are generally non soluble. When these crystals get accumulated in the same place, they form uric acid stones. They are formed because of the high purine's food products.

  1.     STRUVITE

There is a type of kidney stones which are made up of struvite stones. They are rare and are caused due to the chronic urinary tract infections. They are totally different from the uric acid stones.

In uric acid stones the formation is due to acidic crystals while in struvite stones the urine is majorly alkaline. They are prominent in the age group of 60+ years old people.

  1.     CYSTINE

This type of stone is the rarest formation. The major cause of the cystine stones is cystinuria. Cystinuria is a disorder which contains amino acids of sulfur which is cystine. The cystine eliminates from the urinary bladder and the excess aggregates in the kidneys to form stones.


The most awaited correlation between keto diet and kidney stones has come forward. It has been proven that there is no issue with the diet you follow. The reason behind your kidney stones is the wrong method you have been following.

The risk of kidney stones increases when there is variable nutrition value and there isn’t any proper supplement consumption in your diet. It is necessary that you execute the keto diet carefully and under someone’s precision.

Some of the reasons could be:
  1.     LACK OF WATER

The major cause of the kidney stone could be the lack of water during your keto diet. You shall keep in mind that during your ketogenic diet, your body goes into ketosis process which lets the ketones eliminate urine.During the elimination of ketones there are many minerals and salts which are also removed. Mainly there is removal of sodium because it is positively charged.

The theory behind this is that the ketones are full of negative charge and require positive charged compounds to be extracted with. For this reason you may observe the elimination of sodium.

When there is an excess amount of sodium in kidneys, it starts accumulating and formation of calcium stones begins. This is why it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated and prevent the risk of kidney stones. You can also supplement yourself with electrolytes.


For the patients with either metabolic syndrome or diabetes, it is necessary to keep a check of their blood sugar level. Blood sugar levels can be the major reason behind the formation of uric acid stones and also heart disease.

Keto diet is a diet which decreases the amount of carbohydrate intake which helps in the management of blood sugar levels. So, the people who do not have any medical conditions can prevent the stones easily.

Whereas those who are patient of type 2 diabetes will have a hard time in managing the blood sugar levels naturally and might face the problem of uric acid stones.


The keto diets have had misconception of the consumption of a high protein diet whereas it should be a high fat diet. The intake of protein in the form of animal protein can lead to the excess amount of protein in your diet. Protein tends to increase the amount of uric acid formation in the body which is the major factor for the uric acid stones.

High protein diet also leads to the reduction of citrate levels which is a preventive measure for stones. Citrate is a chemical which is generally present in urine which helps in preventing the stone formation.


Magnesium is the most important salt which is at times neglected because of a ketogenic diet. Magnesium consists of certain calcium antagonistic side effects. It helps in the reduction of risks of kidney stones and various kidney diseases.The consumption of magnesium most importantly decreases the oxalate absorption.


If you have already been a patient of kidney stones and have eliminated them then there are almost 50% chances that you might have another attack.

The recurrence of kidney stones can be within five years. For this reason, they will have to take care of their general health and keep on having the CT scans for the diagnosis. 

These are the certain reasons which lead to the formation of various types of kidney stones. To maintain your kidney health while on your keto diet, you must remember these above points. So it is better that you believe the facts and evaluate that the better execution of the keto diet is a necessity.

Stay healthy!





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