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IPL 2020: 10 Snack Ideas To Make Every Match Memorable

IPL 2020: 10 Snack Ideas To Make Every Match Memorable

The Indian Premier League aka IPL season is finally here after a lot of speculation and wait and we can't wait to see who lifts the trophy. The IPL finally kick-started in the UAE on 19th September and is all set to go on till 10th November. Needless to say, fans are cheering for their favourite teams, and because it seems a little tough to hit the restaurants and pubs this time a lot of us would be watching it from our homes. The adrenaline rush when Dhoni hits a sixer or when RCB surprisingly wins the match and when Tewatia goes on to smash the boundaries cannot be described in words. IPL and lip smacking snacks go hand in hand and what even is a cricket match without munching on tasty food. We've got you covered with 10 amazing snack ideas to make every match memorable.


After the B- Town actress, Anushka Sharma was seen enjoying the IPL matches with a bowl full of french fries, people have gone crazy over it and as expected it has become the signature snack of the IPL 2020. While French Fries are mostly considered to be junk, you would be surprised to know that you can make homemade versions of the healthy french fries directly in your kitchen and enjoy the IPL's extravaganza like Anushka Sharma too.


Popcorn has been the screen buff's favorite right from the PVR when we could easily go to the cinema halls to watch the latest movies to the TV screen in front of the houses' TV in the corona season when we're all locked down in our houses. While popcorn has been undergoing transitions, we have known butter popcorn, salted popcorn but caramelized popcorn isn't that a new term for the foodies. Caramelized popcorn is the tastiest version of this snack and is made from sugar or jaggery and obviously is indeed a sweet tooth. 


Indianized versions of foods can never go out of trend and especially when we are enjoying the Indian Premier League. Veg Cutlet is one such delicacy which can never fail to be a lip smacking dish for our taste buds. Veg Cutlet can be made at home, it can be deep fried and shallow fried both as per your needs, it is stuffed with lots of veggies and spices making it both tasty and healthy. So try making Veg Cutlet if you haven't and enjoy the IPL as you cheer your favorite team directly from home. 


Potato chips are best known for two things: salt and fat. Studies have shown that eating salt triggers the release of dopamine, a chemical messenger that controls your brain's pleasure center. Once your brain gets that first reward hit, it starts craving more. Potato Chips also come as a handy and cost effective snacking option making it easy for us to have it anywhere and everywhere we want so let's not leave it uneaten in IPL season too. 


Aloo Chaat is one such delicacy which one can find in every street food corner of India. Aloo is the hindi term for potato which is the king of all veggies in India. Aloo Chaat is a mixture of boiled and crushed potatoes mixed with many spices and sauces, spicy and savoury making it an ultimate tasty snack. Aloo Chaat is full of carbs and gives you instant energy while it is very easy to prepare. The best thing about it is that you can make it with 100 ingredients and 10 ingredients too, there's no limit to how tastier you can make it. So have a look at this snack and munch on it this IPL season. 


Maggi has been a savior since age now and it seems to continue being the savior it is. How can the most sought after IPL season stay untouched by the flavour of the delicious maggi masala, soupy maggi, cheese maggi, butter maggi and many other different types of maggies. Masala Maggi is one such maggi in which you can add enough of veggies and the tasty tastemaker which adds flavor to the maggi and enjoy with it the boundaries of the IPL 2020 happening amidst the COVID-19 at a safer place in UAE. 


Kebab is a very famous Indian snack which is also eaten in foreign countries. It comes in both vegan and non vegan cuisines and is indeed a lavish snack to munch on during the IPL season. It's not very very hard to make, not too expensive. So for customers, it's cheap, delicious, different and easy to eat. While Kebab is made mainly from meat, with time vegan food lovers have brought vegan kebabs too. 


Having a party, feeling blue, passed an exam or just bored, Pizza is the one solution for all events so why leave it uneaten during IPL 2020. Pizza is the perfect snack for any meeting, event or social fun. Right when we take that first bite of warm pizza crust topped with tomato sauce and cheese, our taste buds are stimulated by glutamate, and so we're hooked and want more of it. Studies show that pizza has possibly the world's tastiest and the richest combination of sugar and oils and this is the reason we keep craving for it all the time. The fact that pizza comes in all shapes and sizes and all flavors make it our favorite. So wait for the next match and order or home bake your favorite cheese burst pizza. 


Chocolate needs no introduction. It is something which no one says a no to and is found everywhere. Chocolate is known to trigger dopamine or the happiness hormone. Whether you are feeling happy or low, dealing with cramps or mood swings, chocolate is the perfect food to resort to. Dark chocolate is considered very healthy since it has more amounts of cacao and lesser quantity of sugar as compared to mild chocolate. You can stock up varieties of chocolates and finish them before IPL season ends on 10th November.


Coffee can never go out of trend. It has always been a part of our lives, all day every day, we can't let go of it. Even when on a normal balanced diet or a specific dietary regime such as the Keto Diet, coffee has paved its way. Cappuccino, Frappuccino, Classic Coffee, Mocha, Espresso and the list is endless. While we are glued to our screens watching the IPL happening live in UAE, we can try any of these coffees and maybe stay up a little late when the matches are delayed. 


As you enjoy the boundaries of your favorite team Mumbai Indians or Kolkata Knight Riders and favorite players every night in the IPL happening at Dubai, these lip smacking snacks will definitely add to your thrill and make the moment better and memorable. 

Wellversed wishes you great health and success to your favorite teams. 
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