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How Does An Office Going Person Plan His Full Day Diet?

How Does An Office Going Person Plan His Full Day Diet?

As it is rightly said that "Health is Wealth", health should always be a person's first priority in order to stay sound and healthy and live a fulfilling life. Today when the whole world is like a competitive market and everyone is running fast enough to be in the top list, people start forgetting to take care of their wellbeing and that is where they fail to stay fit. Fitness and good health does not only come from going to the gym or having a regular exercise plan, it comes mostly from the type of diet plan one follows. 9-5 jobs are also one of the major reasons which keeps people from looking after their health since they are too busy with their office work and develop the habit of eating junk and skipping meals which causes problems later in life. A regular tiring 9-to-5 desk job which makes you sit all day in an air-conditioned cabin, is what majorly constitutes an office for an average person. Office life can often get hectic, with no signs of stopping or slowing down or getting a break in between. Work keeps piling up and the workweek hardly seems enough. All this adds up to nothing but higher stress levels, unhealthy lifestyles and irregular eating habits. 

One tends to resort to unhealthy snacks that are easily available such as chips, crackers, biscuits etc. The calories we consume are far more than the energy we expend, thereby making us pile on the kilos. In the canned space of the office environment, it is vital to binge on eatables that do not just keep us hydrated, but are low on calories and easy on the stomach. Here are some tips for planning your healthy diet accordingly to maintain your good health despite a 9-5 long tiring day at work. These tips are otherwise helpful as well and help in the long term.


One starts the day with breakfast and it is believed that the starting meal of the day triggers the energy for the whole day and decides your energy level for the day. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that in the rush to reach the office before 9 you don't forget to have your breakfast peacefully. Many people tend to skip breakfast and resort to burgers, chips or beverages such as tea or coffee in the place of breakfast, this declines the energy level of the day and might affect your work for the day. One should aim to have fruits and other light and healthy food in breakfast to avoid missing breakfast and lacking energy for the whole day.


Water is the drink which keeps us going, without it there indeed is no life and an office going person should always try to save himself from getting dehydrated as it might take a huge toll on his health due to his work schedule. One must make sure that a water bottle should always be present on the office desk and is finished by the end of the day so that he/ she remains hydrated and rejuvenated for the day. Especially for the people who work in AC cabins, water is a must on regular intervals. 


Junk food options like namkeens and chips are the ones that are stocked by most office spaces for their employees. While completely disallowing yourself to eat these may not be the solution, it is a good idea to keep a check on the amount you take in one go. Bingeing on junk is the unhealthiest habit possible, so be mindful of it. Limit your starch content intake in the form of pastas, rice and breads too.


This is the fool-proof way to make sure you cut down on junk; however much you want to. Getting home-cooked food to your office makes sure the food is healthy and fresh. The food cooked at home best satisfies your taste buds. Chances of getting a case of food poisoning from badly-cooked food is severely reduced by eating home cooked food everyday. Freshly cooked food packed in a tiffin box keeps reminding you to finish it first before you go on to any other snacks or drinks. Home food in decent proportions is something which you can always binge-eat, without feeling conscious of overeating.


It is always a good idea to snack and satisfy your hunger pangs rather than intentionally deprive yourself of food. However, the key element here is not to go overboard with any snack you take. Be it simple mixed nuts, protein bars or even vegetables and fruits. It is essential to control the portions you eat. Excess of anything is too much for the body to handle. Over-snacking makes you lose your appetite for the proper meals of the day, and pile on unnecessary calories and weight.


Stock your desk larder with plenty of snacks other than the regular chips and biscuits to increase the portion sizes. This will be an added incentive to eat well, and will prohibit you from reaching out to the vending machine or nearby grocery store every time. Pine nuts, flax seeds and almonds are also good snacking alternatives. The best snacks are fresh fruits and veggies or salad as you can simply wash and bring them to your workspace place and you can eat them whenever you wish to, even before a meeting or when there's still time for the lunch bell to ring. 

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