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How does Keto diet work?

How does Keto diet work?

Keto or ketogenic diet is a diet routine devised for the treatment of Epilepsy about a century ago in the 1920s. Key idea behind the keto diet plan is limiting carbohydrate intake to 50 grams a day, while simultaneously increasing the intake of healthy fats and protein. Ideally, such a diet routine should trigger the body into a ketogenic state where it will draw at least 70-80 percent of the necessary calories from fat. It is the fat-loss properties of keto that led to its popularity, but its benefits are not limited to fat-loss.

Over the century, the keto diet plan saw many variations, however, the basic principle behind the diet remains the same. The simplistic approach of keto diet is what makes it more appealing for many to experiment with. Keto diet in India has been a popular phenomenon with more and more turning towards it. However, maintaining a keto diet in India can be challenging without proper knowledge and planning. Let’s discuss how a keto diet works for a better understanding of this miraculous diet plan.

What is Keto diet?

As mentioned earlier, Keto diet works by forcing the body into ketosis. But what is a Ketosis or the Ketogenic state? and What is its relationship with weight-loss?Let’s first discuss the ketogenic state. When we limit our carb intake, the liver gradually starts using its stored glucose to maintain calorie supply, it is when this stored glucose gets depleted the body shifts into a ketogenic state. Once in the ketogenic state liver starts to break down the stored fat into acids called ketones to restore body’s calorie supply.

The ketogenic state can be triggered by a variety of factors including malnutrition, as disease-based side effects and more. Please note that ketosis can be very rigorous on the body, followers of keto diet are advised to carry out the diet plan for prescribed durations only. All in all, a keto diet is a self-regulatory way to force body ketogenic state, done in a planned manner, it can facilitate fat loss.

Keto Diet and Weight-Loss

It may have become clear, the ketogenic state is not the normal state of the body. Following a keto diet plan is one self-regulated way to trigger ketosis where the body will start to consume body fat more rapidly than on an average day. If properly followed, a keto diet plan can help trigger the ketogenic state for weight-loss. However, even the simplest change in the proper carb to fat ratio in your diet can hamper your efforts to trigger this state. Also, in ketosis body fat-loss is an overall effect and it cannot help target fat in specific body areas. If you seek to reduce fat from specific areas, it’s better to couple your keto diet with a proper exercise routine.

However, keto diet may not be suitable for people with medical conditions. In such a cause be sure to consult a professional nutritionist for your keto diet plan. Remember, keto is very taxing on the body and has many side effects which can get worse overtime.

Symptoms of Ketosis

Ketosis can be rigorous on the body and cause certain adverse effects on the body. Following a keto diet in India to enable ketosis can be especially difficult. However, if you take up a keto diet, these are the symptoms that can help you judge whether you are in ketosis or not.

Rapid Weight-Loss

A body under ketosis goes through rapid weight-loss due to heavy loss of body’s water. Although it’s a motivating factor for those seeking to lose weight by ketosis, please note that it is only a sign of the state. Also, it is advised to keep drinking more water to resist dehydration.

Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps are another noticeable sign of ketosis. Its cause can be heavy dehydration that occurs in ketosis. The case can be even worse for those who workout on a keto diet plan. Rehydrate your body properly and frequently to prevent random muscle cramps.

The Keto Rash

Rashes are another symptom of ketosis unknown to many. The keto rash can be identified by the redness and raised skin in an area. It occurs mostly due to vitamin deficiency in the body, and can be uncomfortable to handle. Rashes are a temporary side effect of keto diet and do not affect the overall functioning of the body.

Problems with Urination

Under ketosis, the body retains less water and nutrients than average which affects the urinary system in turn. Frequent urination, change in the color and smell of urine are some other noticeable symptoms of ketosis.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is a symptom of ketosis that can affect your social life a little. This happens due to the production of large amounts of acetone in the body during ketosis. Convenient way to help it is keeping a mouth-freshener handy.

Some Types of Keto Diet

Following keto diet in India can be a very challenging task for many due to its strict rules. However, may other versions of the keto diet have been devised over years can be more convenient to follow, here are a few of them.

The Classic Keto

The classic keto is a simple yet strict diet regimen where the carb intake in the body is reduced to only 10 % of the daily diet. The rest of the diet with classic keto will include ample amounts of good fats and protein. With the classic keto one will have to continuously micromanage their carb intake in order to maintain the ketogenic state.

The Modified Keto

The modified keto is the less strict version of the classic keto diet plan. It is ideal for those who are starting to experiment with keto diet as it is easier to sustain because the carb to fat ratio here can be 1:2 or 1:1 depending on your comfort. Ove the time, a person can shift from the modified keto diet to the classic version for better results.

The MCT Keto

The MCT keto is another version of keto diet where man-made ketogenic fats called  Medium Chain Triglycerides are used to support the diet plan. This version of the keto diet is much easier to maintain, and is ideal for those who struggle to maintain their diet. Many on keto diet in India follow the MCT keto due to the convenience and control it provides.


In conclusion, the keto diet plan can be an efficient way to reduce weight, given, a proper diet routine is followed and coupled with a suitable exercise routine. Maintaining keto diet in India isn’t a big challenge given you know your food well. Also, it is advised to seek the help of a professional nutritionist for best results with your keto diet plan. For those who have some medical condition, be sure to consult your physician before going ahead with keto.

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