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Does the Ketogenic Diet Relieve Gout Symptoms?

Does the Ketogenic Diet Relieve Gout Symptoms?

One of the most common diet plans people are currently going crazy about, is the Ketogenic diet. So why actually? Yes, it’s the results, the transformations people are getting with the Keto diet. The rapid weight loss and reversal of many chronic weight-related health conditions are what you can expect out of a Keto diet.

Keto diet is a low-carb diet, moderate in proteins and at the higher end with healthy fats. How does it work?It’s proven and occurs through an induced metabolic process called ketosis. Your body needs energy, and primarily this energy is driven from carbs. Thus, glycogen (basically sugar) is your energy source in normal conditions. 

The Keto diet deprives your body of carbs and in turn gets you in ketosis, a state wherein your body turns to fats for energy as it runs out of carbohydrates. This helps you lose your extra fats within no time and at the same time helps you with your chronic conditions like Diabetes Type II, PCOD, etc. A dose of those extra proteins helps you get better skin and hair.

Nonetheless, a ketogenic diet may not be good for everyone. Though most people might experience some symptoms that disappear, a considerable lot of people claim that their symptoms were recurring and thus had to switch back to their normal diet. 

The most common symptoms people on a ketogenic diet face are muscle fatigue, headaches, drowsiness, etc. These symptoms on a keto diet are normal and should go away within some time. If these don’t go away, you should think about your keto or consult your doctor.

The ketogenic diet gets your body in a state called ketosis. On ketosis, your body goes through a lot of changes. Your body, on ketosis, starts to make ketone bodies.

Not to mention, one of the most common problems faced by vulnerable people on a keto diet is the painful joints, swelling, sudden intense pain, these are the signs of gout which is a type of joint pain that is brought about by the development of uric acid. Gout affects the joints, especially the base of the enormous toe, causing gout attacks of severe pain just like swelling.

Some studies have suggested that keto diet and gout are related and the diet can have serious effects on gout patients. The studies show that a ketogenic diet can potentially alleviate the symptoms of gout, making it more painful.

Gout can develop in a person either because they are producing too much uric acid or because they are unable to put enough of it into the urine (or both). But there are some risk factors that help develop gout. People having one or more risk factors have a greater tendency to develop gout over time.

High Uric Acid Risk Factors

Numerous factors help to develop uric acid. Here is a short take into risk factors:


Gout can develop at any stage of your life but people at 40-50 years of age might develop gout more commonly. Generally, there is an increasing trend of gout with respect to age. 


Men are almost certain than ladies to develop gout. This might be because of the impact that female sex hormones have on lowering down uric acid levels.

Family history

Heredity can show its colors. You might be bound to develop gout too if you have somebody in your family with gout. Gout anywhere in your geological timeline can act as a precursor for you to develop gout at any stage of your life.


We become what we eat. Diet has an effect on almost every aspect of our wellbeing. It directly or indirectly impacts our health conditions. Consumption of Meat and fish may build the risk of gout. Diets that incite high insulin levels (i.e, an unhealthy, high carb and sugar diet) will build gout risk too.

Hydration status

Water is essential and we can’t think of living without water. Not drinking enough water and additionally consuming enough electrolytes can make it progressively troublesome for the body to discharge uric acid. It’s high time for you to stay hydrated.

Alcohol consumption

Liquor consumption increases the risk of gout. All the more explicitly, liquor use was observed to be related with a 3-crease higher risk of gout among ladies and a 2-overlay higher risk in men, contrasted with those with no liquor consumption or ≤1 ounce of liquor intake every week.


Drugs are there to treat and cure but it remains a fact that some drugs have a negative impact on your health. A few drugs, for example, diuretics, cyclosporine, headache medicine, and niacin, can put you at risk of gout.

Other health conditions

Hypertension, high BMI, kidney infection, thyroid malady, stoutness, metabolic disorder, elevated cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels, rest apnea, and diabetes would all be able to raise your risk of gout.

How To Treat Gout?

A typical method to treat gout is by taking NSAIDs to lessen irritation, getting in shape, and restricting foods and beverages that increase the risk of gout. Strangely enough, the keto diet is exceptionally effective at promoting weight reduction, reducing inflammation, and removing a significant number of the foods and beverages that incite gout.

What’s additionally significant is the ongoing disclosure that beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) — a ketone that our body produces — fills numerous needs identified with calming gout symptoms.It has been discovered that BHB:

  1. Hinders IL-1β secretion from neutrophils.
  2. It hinders NLRP3 activation in mature neutrophils.
  3. It hinders both priming and assembly steps of NLRP3 activation in neutrophils.

To simply put, BHB anticipates the activation of many inflammatory pathways responsible for gout attacks and gout symptoms. This additionally implies, since the keto diet stimulates BHB creation, it can ease symptoms and anticipate gout attacks from happening.

The Bottom line 

The Keto Diet can still cause gout symptoms in vulnerable people who increase their meat and fish consumption altogether while following the diet. The keto method for eating likewise doesn’t make you immune to the destructive impacts of liquor consumption and dehydration so these must also be addressed as well.
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