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Dairy Free Diet

Dairy Free Diet: Helpful Tips & Advices

Dairy products have been observed to be a complicated substance in your body. There are many people who have been affected by certain health conditions due to dairy products. Quitting dairy products witnessed improvements to their health.

A group of people allergic to dairy products have shown the symptoms of nasal congestion, digestion problems, acne and even ear infections. For that matter you can have a trial period without dairy products to check if there is any improvement in your health.

Dairy products contain a type of carbohydrate called lactose. Lactose is a type of sugar which is a normal part of the dairies. There can be a certain group of people who don’t have the capability of digesting lactose are termed as lactose intolerant.

People with lactose intolerance are deficient of an enzyme lactase which breaks down the lactose in the body. Even if their body produces lactase, it is inefficient. This deficiency of lactase can cause certain symptoms in the body such as gas, bloating, cramps, and diarrhea.

Lactose intolerant people are advised to go either on a lactose free or low lactose diet. This kind of diet can also be known as a dairy free diet. In this diet you will be prescribed to avoid all the food products which contain lactose in it.

If you wish to consume dairy products or have no choice other than intaking them, then you can ask your doctor and get prescribed lactase enzyme pills or syrup. This will help you to break down the lactose in the body and prevent you from any other symptom.

To begin with the dairy free diet, there can be many things to keep in mind. This article will help you to start the dairy free diet without any hustle. It will also help you about the secrets of dairy free diet which are known by less.


Dairy free diet can be a little frustrating because of so many delicious foods like ice cream, cream filled doughnuts etc. To keep going with the diet without any confusion I have come up with certain tips which will help you to have an easy dairy free diet.


    Dairy products can be a little sneaky and all the compounds of it might not be mentioned in the ingredients. Lactose can be present in many compounds which have many other components.

    Milk and milk products can be found in many products. Plant based diet does not intend towards dairy free products.

    Components such as whey, caseinates and casein have a little amount of lactose present in it. They can also affect your body and ruin the dairy free diet.


    Losing dairy products from your diet can result in an increase in hunger level. There can also be certain times when you would crave for dairy products so if you keep your snacks handy, it won’t be difficult to follow the diet.

    Dairy free snacks or healthy snacks will keep you off the risk and will also increase your satiety level. Dairies are itself enough for a perfect milkshake. If you want to get off milk products then you must keep your dairy free snacks handy.

    You can keep yourself handy with tree nuts and seeds, homemade granola bars, dairy free chocolate bars and dairy free cookie bars. Instead of the dairy products you can also keep vegetable and fruit salads handy.


    There is a big difference between dairy free and non dairy products. Non dairy food products are generally sold with the misconception of absence of dairy components such as lactose and casein. They might also contain approximately 0.5% milk proteins by weight.

    Instead dairy free products are perfectly deprived of dairy products. They are actually milk free. They are especially made concerning the fact that people with allergies might consume it.

    It is advised that you read the ingredients thoroughly and study about the components in it. As the first point suggested that there might be some ingredients which contain lactose in it. It is also advised that you keep on consuming the already tried and tested products. You can also read the reviews beforehand.


    If you haven’t had lactose intolerance or the need to go dairy free then you might be habitual of the taste of the food products and start craving for it. At times like these you might want to take a lactose enzyme medicine and have your favorite food.

    But doing this to yourself can ruin your efforts and make you go to step one. For instance, if you haven’t had any dairy product in a month and consuming it once on a cheat day. It can make you crave for that certain food product yet again.

    It's better that you go cold turkey and stop yourself from derailing from the initial diet plans. You can have all your favorite food except dairies so enjoy those.


    There are very few restaurants which offer you dairy free sweets and food items. It is better that you have a stash of already made dairy free sweets to stop your craving.

    Even when you want to make an ice cream, focus on making an ice filled, non milk ice cream. Other than this you can also use coconut or almond milk. It will give the ice cream a natural taste and you will certainly get adapted to it.

    Homemade ice creams can be stored in the fridge and eaten at any time.

    This will not only help you with keeping up with the dairy free diet but will also help you to lose the excess weight. Almond and coconut milk are a healthier option and if you add an erythritol in place of sugar then you will have a totally low carbohydrate and low fat ice cream.


    If you are a host then people will be coming to your house and you will be planning everything. Rather than meeting for an ice cream, you can also plan a walk in the park or some activities.

    This will help you to stay dairy free and also be a healthy option.

    If you are inviting people over for dinner, then it is on you what you prepare. All the options could be without dairy and you won’t have to worry about asking the concerned person about what is the ingredient.

    Your friends might also appreciate the fact that they won’t have to host a party.

    If you are not into cooking then you can also select the restaurants which offer dairy free dishes. You can also preorder the dishes.


    Dairy products might have various food dishes but it is just a small part of the whole diet plan. You can without any doubt replace it with any other dishes.

    To kill the craving for the milk you can add certain spice filled dishes. New variations in your diet plan can help you with the loss of milk products.

    You can add new variations of fruits, vegetables, tree nuts and seeds. You might also try any other cuisines of Asia.

    Cuisines such as Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese are not only a variation for the diet plan but also are naturally dairy free.

    Variations in cuisines will also help you to have a variety of foods.


    Recent times have produced substitutes of every food item. There have been substitutes for milk as well. They might be a little flavorsome but will give you that same texture as of the milk.

    Even if you are not on a dairy free diet, there are certain milk substitutes which are better than the regular milk. Substitutes such as cashew milk, coconut milk and almond milk are even healthier.

    Not just milk; there are substitutes for even sour milk and dairy free cheese.

    It is also advised that you make your own home cooked cheese and butter. Stores bought packaged and processed dairy items could have added sugar and added ingredients.

    If you want healthier options then cooking yourself will also help you to remain fit and healthy.


    Starting any new venture needs definite planning and written points. When starting a new diet, you must have a specific diet plan so that you don’t miss any milk product.

    Plan out the week’s meal including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You must also stick to the plan you have decided on.

    During the making of a meal plan, ensure that all your nutrient needs are duly fulfilled.

    As the time goes by, you will get addicted to the dairy free diet plan and it won’t feel tough after a while.

    You can also fill your meal plan with some tasty recipes so that you can have no void in any meal. 


    It is obvious that if you are prohibiting any kind of food product, then you will get deficient of certain macronutrients present in it.

    Dairy products are filled with Vitamin D, B12, calcium, magnesium and protein. If you are abstaining yourself from dairy products then you might get deficient of these.

    Nutritionists advise you to consume supplements for the same. If your diet plan can cover these nutrients then alright otherwise after 2-3 weeks you might be prescribed with the supplements for the same.

    Do keep in mind that supplements in a prescribed amount will not be harmful for your body.


    Beyond the tips and tricks of the dairy free diet, there are many pieces of advice which you might need in the diet period.

    Some of the advices for diet plans are:


    The biggest fear of a man is about adjusting to the non-cow’s milk. The taste of the substitute can definitely be a little different but you cannot go long way until you try to love the substitute.

    To get habitual of the substitute, your first step should be to taste the options. Almond milk has been my personal favorite but there can be a chance that you might not like it.

    Try various options and then come on a conclusion. This will help you to get the taste you like.

    Once you have got your substitute, it will become easy to replace the regular milk.

    Human milk also contains lactose, so prohibit that as well. 


    The fact that dairy products are full of calcium is not hidden. Calcium is necessary for bone building. It acts as a bone building mineral.

    Preventing dairy free products can make you deprived of calcium. Before incorporating calcium supplements you can include certain food products in your diet.

    Food products such as figs, salmon, sesame, almonds, tofu, lentil, orange juice and broccoli contain enough calcium.

    These products alone can fulfill your needs of calcium and there wouldn’t be any need for the supplements.


    In the above article I have already mentioned the need for substitutes and supplements. There isn’t any food product which doesn’t have an alternative.

    Considering your health reasons, it is better that you cook your own alternatives. It will help you to prevent the risk of any hidden ingredient in the processed and packaged food.

    Even cottage cheese can be cooked and prepared at home.

    There are many recipes available over the net which can help you with the diet. You can search for vegan cookbook or vegan recipes, they are certainly dairy free.

    Vegan lifestyle is very much similar to the dairy free diet. So you can buy vegan products.

    It might be a hectic task for you in the beginning but after a while you will start loving the taste of the home made dairy free food.


    Cutting down on your dairies can be a little depressing and emotionally unstable. Transition period of anything can be a typical task for anyone.

    But the key to it is commitment; if you stick to the diet for a longer time then you will become habitual of the diet.

    Vegan diet and dairy free diet is a healthier option for you. Eating meat can disbalance the metabolism of the whole body.

    More than getting habitual, you will also be surprised to notice the change in your body. That change will make you body fit and disease free.

    To all the lactose intolerant or partially lactose intolerant people out there, you are not alone. There are many others as well who are suffering from the same and have got no choice other than changing their diet.If it makes you fit then it is totally worth it.

    Stay Healthy!



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