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Can You Drink Diet Sodas On A Keto Diet?

Can You Drink Diet Sodas On A Keto Diet?

One of the favorite drinks among people going for weight loss is diet soda. Owing to its low calories and sugar free characteristics, it’s consumed like anything, especially by people on weight loss diets. 

Many studies also suggest diet sodas be not-so-good for health as they contain a lot of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, which are potentially harmful to one’s health.One of the favorite drinks among people going for weight loss is diet soda. Owing to its low calories and sugar free characteristics, it’s consumed like anything, especially by people on weight loss diets. 

The mention of low-carb diets like the keto diet is necessary when you are talking about weight loss. The ketogenic diet has been in the limelight for quite a long time now. Introduced as a treatment for epilepsy about a century ago, the diet has gained mainstream acceptance for giving millions of people weight loss and related benefits. 

The ketogenic diet aims to keep your carb intake to a certain minimum level that forces your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. In ketosis, your body consumes fat as a primary energy source instead of carbs. Carbs are your body’s favorite energy source and getting your body into ketosis, thus, it can lead to certain symptoms that go away with time.

The keto diet is restrictive in nature and doesn’t let you eat anything. It is not, however, limited to keep your carb intake in check but getting you the right content of essential macros. You might, on a keto diet, wonder if you can drink diet soda on keto diet. Let’s dive into every aspect of the question. In the next section, let’s try to know something about the keto diet.

Keto Diet - Basics You Need To Know

A Ketogenic diet is low-carb, moderate protein, and a high-fat diet. A typical Ketogenic diet starves your body of carbohydrates by limiting the intake of carbs below 5%. This stimulates your body to go into a metabolic state called ketosis.

Ketosis is an induced metabolic state wherein your body actively uses fats as a primary energy source. Your body starts to burn those fats and help you lose those extra kilos.The most important aspect of a Keto diet is that your body should go into Ketosis. As long as you follow a planned and organized keto diet, the chances of being there are always high. 

A ketogenic diet is known to be restrictive. It always encourages you to eat healthy food- healthy fats, and moderate proteins. Taking on a keto diet might be easy but sustaining a keto diet for long isn’t. Your cravings will sometimes, force you into leaving the keto diet. The thing that you should focus on is that you should try to search for varied foods, snacks, and other fast food that is good for your keto. 

Keeping your carb intake at the minimum is the funda. You need to eat anything after researching what it can do to you and how it can affect your keto. 

What Is Diet Soda?

Diet sodas are one of the popular beverages in the world consumed usually by people on weight-loss diets as they are lower in calories. They, however, use artificial sweeteners which may not be good for health.

Most sugar-sweetened beverages in the market have a diet version. Ingredients of any diet soda vary from brand to brand. Some ingredients that are generally used in diet sodas are:

  • Carbonated Water: Water infused with carbon dioxide, also called fizzy water. In most sodas, carbon dioxide is dissolved in water under high pressure.

  • Artificial Sweeteners: Some of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas are aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, etc.

  • Caffeine: Both regular and diet sodas contain caffeine. For example, a can of Diet Pepsi contains 34 mg of caffeine.

  • Flavors: Many diet sodas contain added flavors like berries, herbs, and cola, etc.

  • Preservatives: Potassium benzoate and Potassium sorbate are the most commonly used preservatives in diet sodas. This helps prevent spoilage, thus increasing the shelf life of sodas.

  • Colors: Caramels and anthocyanins are the commonly used colors in sodas.
  • After learning some basics about the keto diet and diet soda, you would like to know if you can have diet soda on keto. The next section named diet soda on keto will give you the answer.

    Diet Soda On Keto 

    Diet Sodas has a huge market around the world but these drinks are not necessarily helpful for weight loss or improved health.  The drinks are sweetened with artificial products like aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame K or refined stevia. This means you have to cut out on unhealthy diet sodas.

    Keto diet beginners often think that it is okay to eat unhealthy foods as long as it is low carb and keep your ketone levels high. Even though diet sodas are low on calories but because of the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas, you may contribute to weight gain.

    Lack of nutrients in artificial sweeteners could make you want to eat more because you don’t feel satisfied after eating and thus results in potential weight gain and unhealthy eating habits.Because of the artificial sweeteners like aspartame in diet sodas Ketone levels decrease whereas Insulin levels increases.

    The bottom lines

    The ketogenic diet doesn’t only mean cutting down your carbs but also includes having moderate proteins, and high quantity healthy fats. The keto diet isn’t just a quantitative dietary approach but a completely healthy regime and lifestyle that encourages you to eat healthily. 

    Diet sodas are very low in calories but they contain unhealthy ingredients like artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, and preservatives. Avoid diet sodas on Keto – It’s not nutritious even if it is low-carb!”. In order to achieve Ketosis, one must stick to a healthy Keto diet.

    If you are thinking about starting your keto regime or get to a keto diet, please give our other related articles a read. These articles will tell you the most things you need to know about the keto diet, its benefits, and probable side effects that you might face on a keto diet if you are having any related health issues.

    We wish you good luck with your keto health regime!

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