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Cure Cancer

Can Keto Diet Cure Cancer?

Ever since the invention and discovery of a low carb, high fat and protein rich diet which Keto is, it has been known to cure an end number of diseases and provide many health benefits for the smooth functioning of the body. The Ketogenic diet was originally declared to be a cure for type 2 diabetes in the 19th century, after some time people found it effective in the treatment of epilepsy as well.


People from all over the world follow the Keto diet. It cures a wide range of ailments from burning fat and helping to lose weight to treating many heart diseases, nervous system diseases, chronic disorders, brain diseases, epilepsy, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's, autism and some rare kinds of cancers as well. 

It also reduces the risk factors caused by long term diseases and by old age health problems. If followed properly and in the ideal proportion, Keto friendly diet generally has no side effects except a few like nausea, sugar cravings, headache etc. in the initial days of the diet due to Keto flu.It is well known in efficient cure and prevention of these diseases:

1. Epilepsy - A disease which causes seizures due to excessive brain activities. Studies have shown that Keto diets can reduce seizure frequency and severity in many children and adults with epilepsy who don't respond well to the drug therapies. 

2. Metabolic Syndrome -Metabolic syndrome is referred to as prediabetes characterized by insulin resistance. Keto diets have been known to reduce abdominal obesity, triglycerides, blood pressure and blood sugar in people with metabolic syndromes such as large waistline, elevated triglycerides etc.

3. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome-  PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a disease marked by hormonal dysfunction that often results in irregular periods and infertility. Females with a PCOS following a ketogenic diet may experience weight loss, reduction in insulin levels and improvement in reproductive hormone function.



As far as the prevention and treatment of cancer is concerned, there has been no solid evidence that any single medicine, food or diet can cure it permanently. There have been temporary cures certainly which ensure to increase the lifespan of the patients and help them in avoiding the endless risk factors and side effects cancer brings against the body.

Studies show that following a low carb diet can to some extent prevent the spread of cancerous cells taking birth in the body. It has been found effective in reducing the risk of recurrence of many types of cancers as well, since it is a well known fact that cancer cells can get active anytime in future. 

Cancer is a serious disease, to be honest, before trusting any specific diet, one must see the doctor and the dietitian so that they can determine the allergies, strengths of the body and can tell the perfect diet according to the stage at which the cancer is. 

A dietitian can also help in managing and coping up with the sudden change in diet, in minimizing its side effects and making sure that the patient gets the best results out of the diet. 


A keto diet helps in maintaining blood sugar levels which can be helpful for the overall health of the body which will prevent any sort of disease, including cancer. Studies show that Keto diet can help in maintaining the blood sugar level and the blood pressure level at an optimum level which would naturally prevent the formation of cancer cells and destroy them if they occur despite of it.

High glucose levels also give birth to tumours which may develop into cancerous tumours, therefore it is advised that people who are prone to cancer, who have a family history of cancer should follow the low carb diet to prevent cancer in the long term. 

Studies show that cancer cells can't survive on ketones and gradually die making it a huge advantage for the dieters of Keto since Keto is known to be creating ketones in the body by the breakdown of fats and proteins. In addition to helping regulate blood sugar levels for the people prone to cancer, a keto diet can induce metabolic oxidative stress in cancer cells. This can help make the cells more sensitive to treatments like chemotherapy and radiation in the future, if at all the person develops cancer. This would make his/her body immune and help fight cancer strongly.



Keto is a very restrictive diet which only allows some vegetables and fruits. Berries such as blueberries, blackberries are allowed on Keto and are a mandatory addition as well.They contain an end number of health benefits such as all the essential nutrients the body needs and therefore effective in preventing diseases. 

  • Walnuts are low in carbs and fiber plus rich in saturated fats, rich source of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients as per the Keto Diet requirements. Consuming them in the correct quantities will not increase your cholesterol levels or cause any harm to the body. This perfect proportion makes some specific Keto verified nuts and seeds apt for consumption in Keto Diet.

    • BROCCOLI -

    Broccoli is  sometimes considered to be of the cauliflower-cabbage family and hence shares the same nutritional properties as of them. It is an excellent vegetable and one of the most popular in the low-carbohydrate vegetables. It contains only four percent carbohydrates.


    Omega 3 is considered a very beneficial supplement for the human body in a Keto diet and has many health benefits. Seafood like fatty fish are found to be rich in Omega 3, especially Salmon when cooked /boiled/dressed in olive oil (Salmon is full of healthy fats, adequate protein and absolutely no carbs). 

    Apart from all these health benefits, Omega 3 rich fishes help in reducing high blood pressure, prevent heart diseases and help in smooth functioning of the overall body symptoms. 


    Legumes such as beans, lentils and peas are nutrient-rich plant diets that work as the best alternative to nutrients derived from animal products and are high protein foods. Further sprouting, fermenting and proper cooking of the legumes can increase nutrient absorption power. Legumes are rich in fiber, slowly digested carbs, iron, folate, manganese, zinc, antioxidants and other healthy plant derived compounds.


    If you or your loved ones are undergoing cancer treatment of any stage, are dealing with healing after recovery from cancer or are suspicious of suffering from cancer, we suggest you to get yourself checked with your doctor first.

    Before you follow any kind of diet or change your food plans, you should see your oncologist so that they could tell you the possible advantages and the potential side effects that could be caused to your body from that diet, according to your body structure or metabolism.

    You should remember that even though Keto has been very effective in the cure of many chronic diseases, cancer is one of a kind and no risk should be taken because at the end, Health is Wealth and life matters the most. 

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