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Keto Diet Complement Yoga

Can A Keto Diet Complement Yoga?

Yog or Yoga is the amalgamation of the soul with the body functions which joins the spiritual being with the physical and mental wellness of the body to move the person towards mental peace and stability and gives him strength. If it is followed with a proper diet, it can be highly effective. Yoga was discovered around 5000 years ago in India. It is a physical, mental and spiritual Indian mind and soul connecting practice which aims towards cleansing the body's toxins and striving to move it towards a peaceful mind that would ultimately lead to good effects on the body. Today Yoga has reached all the corners of the world and various styles of yoga include physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation and yoga teachers are also easily available. 

Recently, Yoga has emerged as a trending and popular form of physical and mental exercise based upon poses that promote improved control of the mind and body and enhance well-being through  asanas and a good diet offourse. Keto is one such diet which promotes healthy living by promoting low carbs, high fats and moderate protein food. Keto is in many aspects equal to the benefits that Yoga provides and when two good health aspects unite, it is an amalgamation of extra good health. Here we are talking about 5 ways on how Yoga and The Keto Diet, in unison can help a person in living a hearty life. 



Mental Health is the need of the hour. Even though mental health is not directly related to the body systems like other diseases, it is obvious that the fluctuations in hormones happen due to the state of the human body. According to a survey, every 6 out of 10 people have some or the other anxiety and every 4 out of 10 people are severely depressed. While we easily get medicines  and diet for common diseases, we often believe that there are no medications and diets for stress and anxiety. Yoga aims to bring peace to the soul and body by releasing all the negative energy out and taking in the good vibes. 

It is often believed that many foods release dopamine which is called a happiness hormone. For eg, dark chocolate is such a food and co incidentally it is Keto friendly as well. A balanced keto diet aiming towards losing extra weight, keeping the body fluid levels in check along with Yoga asanas aiming to provide peace at mind can cure depression in the long term. 

Studies show that yoga as the main form of physical exercise and mind relaxation is related to reducing stress levels in people and elevating peace and happiness. In fact, people who have regularly followed some specific yoga asanas have found that it has helped them in getting rid of symptoms of PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Taking a sound and hearty sleep is one of the most underrated things of today's generation. People tend to ignore the importance of a good sleep for at least 6 hours a day in order to maintain a healthy mental health, properly functioning digestive system and nervous system. In today's busy schedule, people often don't take their sleeping schedules seriously which leads to various problems.

The collective power of yoga to assimilate and calm down all the senses of the body at one point helps one handle the daily life challenges efficiently. It helps people in getting rid of their problems related to insomnia, some yoga asanas bring about a change in body systems where a person is bound to have an urge for sleeping at night so that he can wake up with a digested tummy and fresh mind, the next day.

People practicing yoga since a long time tell that yoga has improved their sleep cycles, along with a Keto diet which makes them eat an easily digestible diet so that there are no sleep distortions. Keto habits such as eating small plates complement the Yoga asanas and trigger the sleeping senses of the body and make it a routine so that the dieter sleeps at the same time. 



It is needless to say that the Keto diet facilitates weight loss and helps in getting rid of the extra weight of the body through the process of Ketosis. The Keto diet aims on eating more fats and less carbs so that the body falls short on carbohydrates and starts producing energy from the amino acids and fatty acids, which are gained from proteins and fats. This continuous process leads to Ketosis which leads to weight loss.

Obesity is one of the major problems of today's generation due to their unhealthy food habits. Most of the Keto dieters follow this diet for losing weight and if yoga is added to it, it can show good results and the person can lose weight in a short span of time. Both a Ketogenic diet and Yoga have the ability to facilitate weight loss and if both will merge their ability will increase which will lead to good results obviously Thus yoga+ keto diet is recommended for weight loss.


A Ketogenic diet regulates the fluctuations in the blood sugar levels and helps in the formation and utilization of insulin. Studies show that certain yoga asanas help in lowering the blood sugar levels of the body. Both yoga and keto diet also help in losing weight which is one of the major reasons causing diabetes. Keto dieters are recommended to have foods which are towards the low glycemic index and calorie restricted diet which facilitates both weight loss and controls type 2 diabetes. Yoga asanas such as titli asanas, lead to weight loss and keep the blood sugar level in control. Experts tell that despite high doses of metformin, if yoga asanas and a carb an glucose free diet is followed then the blood sugar levels are always in control. 


Yoga is an excellent means of preventing diseases related to heart and kidney. It helps in filtering blood to a pure form and pumping it to the heart. Yoga involves a series of breathing exercises, the human respiratory system is the one to benefit the most out of it. Yoga induces proper blood circulation and helps in managing the body weight as well. All these work together towards attaining optimum heart health. Since the heart is healthy, it filters pure blood and maintains its supply which keeps the kidney healthy as well and keeps it away from renal problems. 

Practice of asana, pranayama and kriyas (cleansing techniques) can keep the internal organs healthy, particularly improving the overall function of the kidneys. Asanas like gentle twists and backbends, contracts and massages the kidneys. The practice enables and activates the efficient function of the kidneys. The Keto diet facilitates it all by its nutritious Keto Friendly foods which are good for the heart and kidney in many aspects. 


In recent years, Yoga has become a very popular form of physical exercise based upon yoga poses which promote improved control of the mind and body and enhance well-being through asanas and a good diet as an addition. Thus we can conclude that Yoga can be an added benefit carb diet to the people following the Ketogenic diet since it will add to the health benefits the diet provides. Yoga has originated from India and has reached a global platform now, foreigners are accepting it wholeheartedly and it is our turn to try our very own practices of good health because a good diet won't do any good without proper exercise and yes, lots of water too.

Happy Yoga & Keto!
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