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Bodybuilding on a Vegan Diet

Bodybuilding On A Vegan Diet

What is Veganism?

Yes, we are using the two terms in the same sentence. Even if it may sound like two apparently contradictory terms as a total vandalism to language to be used together, Vegan and a Body Building regime can be something very true to exist.

The definition often includes terms like plant-based diets, no dairy, no animal harm. But how are you supposed to get your proteins and your fat intakes to help you get swole? What use is a vegan diet for body building then?

Always known for the vast opportunities and the enhancement of the taste buds to new things as a part of the journey. Also introducing to new worlds as we go, the Vegan diet is nothing but an adventure to be explored to find out new ways to get yourself all the nutrients needed. Sometimes, in the most unusual ingredients that you might ever expect.

Where do I get my nutrients from?

A rich and diverse world of nutrient enriched food left to be explored when it comes to the normal diet that you might have enjoyed and sufficed with. Including meat and eggs for your daily protein to help you with the jolt for your daily workout regime and your intense exercises.

It is not just about the diet when it comes to us talking about vegans as a whole but also about the message that is bound to go out for the world in opposition to animal cruelty. Not consuming any products with any sort of animal abuse is sure powerful enough to get you through to a better and guilt free tomorrow.

Yes, surely not asking one to give up on medications as it may contain animal testing while in the process of production but you surely do not want a sick vegan. But who might have thought of a diet based on no food products revolving around animals and that too including dairy as well can be something worth trying? That too in some cases being as succulent and tasty as your regular diet?

Well, that is some tough competition. When the diet is capable of fulfilling your daily requirements even if they are more than the average as you being a body builder it is sure to be the superior kind.

A rather hard to believe topic when it comes to the inclusion of a vegan diet in your body building journey, where a plant-based diet sounds as something next to impossible to suffice you with your nutrients.

Can I get buffed on a vegan diet?

Yes, it is possible to bulk up on a vegan diet and it is easier than you might have even though it to be. Only requiring you to do your research and plan your meals out with the perfect balance of nutrients so that you can get the most out of your diet without falling into the shackles of fatigue.

The season of a bodybuilder whether it might be a normal diet or someone who switched to vegan is divided into two phases. In the initial bulking phase, the athlete is supplied with a diet high in nutrients and protein and rich in calories to gain them as much as the muscle mass that they may ask for, to attain their perfect fitness body.

In the second phase of the season which is generally termed as the cutting phase or generally the loss phase. The athlete aims to cut down on calories and decrease the overall body weight and fats but cutting down the intakes. Now, you can correctly relate to the plan-based vegan diet to be something to help in weight loss.

Requiring you to go through a routine to help you with the right number of calories, carbs and fats to get you enough to make you breeze through your tough workouts. Where the amount needed might differ from individual to individual.

Getting through and backing our opinions with some numbers as we would never want you to be left back in the dark when it comes to facts. Where nearly a groundbreaking number of 38% of your daily food products can be nearly of no use when it comes to bodybuilding like protein bars and snacks. Where 68% of the foods in a vegan based diet can be the very fitting to all your needs regarding nutrients as well as when it comes to the right amount of fats and carbs for your perfect muscle growth and bone strength.

Giving an additional 36.7% energy than the average consumed food products that might be the reason of you being more energetic and having that extra burst to push yourself to the limits. Having an edge over the traditional non vegan diet in terms of nutrients, antioxidants as well as minerals which are available in plenty with just a simple homework of chalking down the products that might avail you with them.

But don’t get carried away and start up with your vegan diet without researching your way out to plan your daily calorie intake. Macronutrient Breakdown serves as the most integral role to be played while you get on your body building journey. As gaudy as a term it may sound it is rather simple to be understood and it refers to the proper functionality and working of all nutrients that might be present in your diet.

Where are my proteins?

The ‘low in protein’ misconception related to a vegan diet can surely be mitigated as of the plethora of sources that you might encounter in your vegan journey. Where there are more than the number of options that you might think of the diet to have for proteins to serve just right for the diet you may have with meat included.

Don’t forget to try the vegan protein shakes to help you go through your day as well as other sources like mushrooms, chlorella, nut butter, amaranth and many more just a normal web search away. All you need is some research and commitment to get the body you want that too without guilt and a healthy diet.

Are you still looking for the perfect protein shake to suit your daily needs that might be an essential part of your diet to make up for the immense workout sessions and hard sweat breaks at the gym. Maybe you might just want to step back from the task of choosing one from the label but choose one by the ingredients. Looking up for additives, preservatives and no one wants to hear about those ugly chemical names at the end.

Other meat alternatives like tofu and tempeh can be the ones adding to the list as a substitute to the cravings for a good steak or maybe a Sunday barbecue for a cheat day from your hectic workout regime.

You don’t really have to compromise on flavour and options at all to conquer your daily cravings. The Textured Vegetable Protein or TVP to help you out with all of the meat cravings that you might have the same way with the same amount of spices.

Bean pasta is the cure to all your pasta cravings and sure to make you cover all the taste buds with the flavours you might be seeking for. Starting from a breakfast smoothie to a subtle lunch and dinner with all the proteins that you will need making you feel no loss from your traditional meal.

Also, how can you forget to try out those perfect solutions to the daily needs like vegan sausages, tofu scrambles and protein rich oats. Those are some of the very beginning of the huge list of the immense solutions for your requirements.

One might as well include supplements to help with the growth of nutrients as well for the source of the things that you might be missing on like small amounts of folic acid, vitamin b12 or maybe some others like calcium if you are not a huge fan of soy milk or other milk alternatives. Making your way through a plethora of options to choose from from a huge list of vegan products to keep you away from everything that vegans avoid. But the key is to believe and be committed to what you follow. While the Vegan diet supplies you with all you might need.

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