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3 Months Keto for Promising Results

3 Months Keto for Promising Results

Keto, the ingenious weight loss diet plan has been gaining much popularity among the health and fitness community for quite some time. Keto diet was first devised in the 1920s to aid the treatment of epilepsy but gained much popularity due to its miraculous weight-loss properties.Although many vouch for the efficiency of keto nutrition in weight loss, very little heed is paid to adverse effects it can have on the body. Generally those who seek to go on keto for weight-loss, fail to realize that keto nutrition isn’t meant to be a long-term replacement for the daily diet.

Keto or ketogenic diet, works by pushing the body into the ketogenic state, which is not the natural state of the body and is very rigorous on the body systems. If continued for too long, keto can affect the normal functioning of the liver and kidneys. Many fitness guides and nutritionists argue that a keto diet should be followed in a cycle of 3 months for the best possible results while keeping the side-effects to the minimum. The question arises if it is actually possible to lose significant weight in just 3 months? To find an answer to this question, let’s discuss the 3-month keto diet plan in a brief. 

How does keto work? 

To understand why 3-month keto is the ideal way to follow keto, we must first understand how the diet routine works. The key idea behind following the Keto diet is coercing the body into ketosis, a metabolic state where the body starts to burn fat as the primary source of calories. Once we start to limit the intake of easily digestible foods, primarily carbs, our body starts to consume the glucose stores in the liver in response. One of these glucose stores gets depleted, the body shifts into the ketogenic state, where it starts breaking body fat into ketones to support the lack of calories. If maintained properly and in a fixed cycle of 3 months, the keto diet can help a person lose huge amounts of fat rapidly. Now that we know how keto works, let’s go ahead and discuss the 3-month keto. 

Why three months keto?

Many professional nutritionists and fitness guides recommend the following keto for a cycle of 3 months only as keto can be very rigorous on the body. Some of the other important reasons to follow only 3-month keto cycles are as follows:

  • Firstly, the body needs time to adapt to a new diet regiment as it majorly relies on easily digestible food sources for calories which may lead to most of your keto nutrition being washed out. 
  • The first few weeks show regular crashes, occurring at the beginning of each week. In the months leading up to Keto, crashes are not as frequent or timely.  The cause of these crashes is primarily dehydration and the neglect of electrolytes during the keto-adaptation phase.
  • On a keto diet controlling and altering your cravings needs time. As a person under keto removes many of the food and habit processed that induces food from their diet, it becomes easier to resist the cravings over time.
  • Results will be visible only after a period of 60-70 days, where your body will be under full ketosis. The body is under extreme pressure and many side effects of keto diet such as keto rash, muscle cramps, etc. appear more frequently.
  • After the 90th day mark, the body gradually comes back to normal after a shift in the diet without any medical needs. 

In this period of 3 months, a person under keto is able to shift and stop the cravings, and enable fat burn by controlling their diet post keto. After gaining this much control over your body and appetite. Post keto, a person can further facilitate fat loss with a more workable diet and a workout routine. For those who seek to experiment with keto, find a free 1-week keto diet plan to start their journey.  

Free 1-Week Keto Diet Plan

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Preventive Measures under Keto

As mentioned earlier, a body under ketosis goes through a rigorous metabolic state which can have some side-effects. Therefore, to help you plan an efficient keto diet regime for yourself, some precautions to take under keto are as follows:  

  • Only eat healthy saturated fats, consumption of unsaturated fats might hamper ketosis. 
  • Keep a close check fat to carb ratio. Eating more carbs than the prescribed ration can hamper fat loss while consuming fewer carbs can harm the body. 
  • Never include any processed meat as a fat and protein source for your keto nutrition as it makes the body susceptible to kidney stones. 
  • Since keto is very rigorous on the body, those who have from any kind of kidney condition must refer to their physician before switching to 3-month keto.

Some Benefits of Keto Diet 

Convenient to follow and efficient in weight-loss, the keto diet has much more to offer than known to the popular eye. So, to shed some light on its many uses, here are some benefits of the Keto diet.

Heart Benefits

It may be hard to believe, but the Keto diet may help improve the body’s cholesterol level, reducing the risk of developing heart disease. Be sure to consume only good fat, as unsaturated fat may affect ketosis.

Prevents Acne

Another benefit of a keto diet is that it helps lower the production of acne and improves overall skin quality. Removing refined food and sugar from the diet leaves the blood free of toxins, and healthy skin.

Helps Diabetes

Keto diet, for diabetics, can help control and maintain the insulin level of their body. Keto diet theoretically improves the amount of blood insulin in the body which can be regulated under strict supervision.

Reduces Inflammation 

Keto diet can also help to reduce inflammation of the muscles as the diet inherently removes foods that cause inflammation such as gluten, corn, soy, sugar, etc. People with conditions that cause chronic inflammation may take a keto diet to help their condition.

Provides Sustained Energy 

A keto diet is an efficient source of sustained and healthy energy throughout the day as it relies on the slow-burning fat as the source of calories. This allows a person under to keto to perform their everyday activity without making drastic changes in their daily routine. 


All in all, the Keto diet is very efficient for weight-loss given that it is followed in an organized and planned manner. What makes keto diet easier to experiment with, is its simplistic approach and the easy set of rules. If followed in a routine cycle of 3 months keto can be transformative in terms of body, mind, and health. However, keto becomes a challenge when it comes to preparing and eating a proper Keto diet in India. People who are new to the keto diet can go for less strict versions of the diet such as the Modified Keto, or the MCT

Disclaimer: Please note that the content provided above is for informational purposes only. It is recommended that you consult a certified physician before taking any steps based on the information mentioned above. 

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