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10 Reasons You Should Go For Keto Diet

10 Reasons You Should Go For Keto Diet

Devised in the 1920s to aid the treatment of epilepsy patients, keto diet has been around for over 100 years, yet mostly we are only familiar with its weight-loss properties. There can be many benefits of following a keto diet ranging from aiding heart conditions, controlling blood sugar levels, skin treatment and many more. With only a few yet firm rules to follow, keto is easy to experiment with, for almost anyone. Many argue that it is this simplistic approach of keto diet that has helped survive its century-long journey. Keto nutrition doesn’t require any exclusive food to support your diet. However convenient to follow and efficient in weight-loss, keto diet has much more to offer than known to the common eye.

How does keto work? 

Before we move further, it’s best to understand how it works first. While following a keto diet, our body’s carb intake is reduced to a mere 50 grams a day while the fat and protein intake is increased simultaneously. The core idea is to shift your body’s main calorie source from the easily digestible carbohydrates to fats. Ideally, under keto, the body draws 70-80 percent of its essential calories from fat, which in turn facilitates fat-loss. Over the years, many less-stricter variations of keto diet have appeared on the scene, however, the general principles behind it remain the same. Let’s go ahead and discuss the ’10 reasons that you should know in order to follow keto diet’.

10) Heart Benefits

It may be hard to believe but, Keto diet can help in improving the cholesterol level in the body, which reduces the risk of developing heart disease. However, be sure that all that fat you consume is only good, as unsaturated fat may hamper your efforts to reach ketosis

9) Cancer Treatment

Keto diet has been known to help with many medical conditions, recently its use is being prescribed to cancer patients as it is known to reduce the growth of cancer tumors. In such a case, a patient is advised to follow a keto diet plan prescribed by their concerned oncologist.

8) Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is another disease that can be helped by following a keto diet. In many cases, keto diet has helped reduce the intensity of the many side-effects of Parkinson’s and its medication. Be sure to consult your neurologist before opting for keto. 

7) Preventing Acne

Not known to many, keto diet helps reduce acne production and improves the overall quality of the skin. The removal of processed food and sugar from the diet keeps the blood toxin-free, and skin healthy.

6) Diabetes

For diabetics, keto diet can help control and maintain their body’s insulin level. Potentially, keto diet increases the blood insulin sensitivity in the body, which can be controlled under strict supervision. 

5) Cures Anxiety

Ketosis also has been related to reducing stress, facilitating energy balance, and helping mood swings given that the source of keto nutrition is rich in healthy fats. Over time, a person under keto will feel more stable and comfortable in handling stressful situations.

4) Reduces Inflammation

Keto diet can also help reduce muscle inflammation as the diet inherently removes foods that cause inflammation such as gluten, corn, soy, sugar, etc. People suffering from conditions that cause chronic inflammation can follow keto diet to help their condition. 

3) Provides Sustained Energy

A keto diet is an efficient source of sustained and healthy energy throughout the day as it relies on the slow-burning fat as the source of calories. This allows a person under to keto to perform their everyday activity without making drastic changes in their daily routine.

2) Controlling Appetite

Following a keto diet is an efficient strategy to control and alter your cravings. As a person under keto removes many of the processed food and habit inducing foods from their diet, over time it becomes easier to resist the cravings.

1) Weight-Loss

Many all over the world have benefitted from the weight-loss properties of a keto diet. Under keto, the body starts rapid consumption of body fats which facilitates weight loss. However, targeting fat in specific areas is not possible with just keto. Coupling your keto diet with a suitable exercise routine will be the best course of action for efficient fat loss. 

Precautions While Doing Keto Diet

Keto is a rigorous diet plan that is hard on the body and can cause several adverse effects. Many fail to recognize that a keto diet cannot be a permanent replacement for your everyday diet. Since Keto diet works by forcing the body into ketosis, which is not a natural state of the body, it pushes the body beyond its normal limits. This kind of extreme treatment can be harmful if not undertaken in a pre-planned and organized way. So, to help you plan an efficient keto diet plan, here are some precautions you can take while following keto diet. 

  • Consume foods with healthy saturated fats as unsaturated fats might hamper your diet regime. 
  • Be sure to keep your fat to carb ratio in check since carbs may hamper fat loss and consuming fewer carbs will harm the body’s normal functions. 
  • Avoid processed meat for your fat and protein needs as it makes the body susceptible to kidney stones. Stick to freshly sourced items. 
  • Keto diet pushes enormous pressure on the kidneys. Those who suffer from any type of kidney condition are advised to consult a physician before continuing as it may harm your kidneys severely.


Although Keto diet is very efficient for weight-loss, even the slightest change in fat to carb ratio in your diet can affect your desired results. Regardless of its simplistic approach, keto becomes a challenge when it comes to preparing and eating proper Keto diet in India. All in all, if followed properly and in routine cycles, keto can be transformative in terms of body, mind, and health, given it is strictly followed. For those only starting their keto diet, it’s best to go for less strict versions of the diet such as the Modified Keto, or the MCT, and then progress ahead. Here’s wishing you the best results with your keto. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the content provided above is for informational purposes only. It is recommended that you consult a certified physician before taking any steps based on the information mentioned above. 

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