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Cookies and biscuits are a staple for evening tea. Now you can eat them even on your diet whether it is Keto, Vegan or any other specific regime.
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  • Ultra-low carb cookies with nutty & crunchy flavor
  • Nutrition dense cookies that boost the immunity system
  • Helps in weight management & in replenishing memory
  • Recommended by Nutritionists, Diet Experts, and Fitness Experts
  • No Added Sugar, Maida Free, Rich In Fibre, Gluten-Free
  • Can be taken with Coffee, Tea, and as an evening snack

Ingredients: Vegetable Fat Spread, Almond fibre, Urad dal (Vigna mungo), Soybean flour, Castanea sativa (Chestnut flour), Bamboo fibre, Sweetener Blend (E968,E960), Natural Desiccated coconut, Permitted flavour (Coconut), Natural Vanilla Extract, Raising Agent (E500 (ii)). (E. 320).

Net Carbs: 8.5g, Protein: 11.1g, Dietary Fibre: 7.8g, Healthy Fats: 43.1g

  • Ingredients- Ultra low carb flour (with super food seeds and nuts), Sugar free 60% dark chocolate, Stevia- based sweetener, Butter, Coco, Cold pressed sunflower oil, Baking powder
  • Shelf Life - 5 Months
  • Ingredients - 100 % Almond, Stevia Based sweetener, Butter, Cold-pressed sunflower oil, Baking powder.
  • Shelf Life – 5 months

Ingredients 100 % Almond Flour, Stevia-based sweetener, Butter, Cold-pressed Sunflower oil, Nuts and seeds (Pistachio, Cashewnut, Almond Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin Seeds) Baking powder, Salt

Shelf Life – 5 Months

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