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What are the positive effects of a ketogenic diet?

What Are the Positive Effects of a Ketogenic Diet?

Staying back at home to avoid parties as you no more fit into those perfect dresses? Hiding away in baggy clothes not to be noticed with that high waist circumference? Or maybe already deteriorated on health as you get diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure or abdominal obesity.

Why Keto?

Maybe you want to revert to a diet plan full of plants and leaves and salads you might have never heard about. A regime of discipline with loads of exercise and food in amounts even a mouse won’t suffice with. Maybe you opt to go for long hours of starvation hidden behind the name of ‘fasts’ giving you nothing but malnourished food intakes as well as a bad mood while you cope up with those hunger pangs.

The constant starvation leads you to nothing but a constant mood of irritation leading to nothing but increasing your risk for other side effects and health problems.

But we have the saviour in house! A keto diet is all you need to help you out of all your problems. Switching your diet to make your body generate the energy it needs from Ketones rather than Glucose from the huge amount of carbohydrates you might be consuming.

How does it work?

Quitting the traditional diet plan and going healthy with food consisting of just enough to get you through the day. Giving you some amazing benefits as well! An increased metabolism, less hunger pangs, increased muscle mass and low risks to heart diseases are just some of the bonus points you might take into consideration.

Cutting down on the Carb and Protein intakes to restrict your body from the insulin rushes and burn the fats consumed for its energy in the form of ketones. Giving your journey to a fitter and leaner stomach a kick start.

How will it benefit me?

Whether you be someone with a family history of diabetes this diet might be just for you. With results proving that a keto diet is capable of reversing the effects of Type 2 Diabetes. Also cutting of the entire need for oral hypoglycemic drugs or Insulin intakes.

Maybe you are obese and having a Body Mass Index higher than 40 so why worry? The diet is tailored to suit your needs as we go on into a regime to help you shed off those excess fats in just mere weeks.

The need of being able to stick to the actual food life has to offer (fruits, vegetables and natural products) rather than fast foods and junk foods keeps the integrity and meaning of this diet. As part something truly essential to the modern-day lifestyle rather than a weight loss diet. No matter what the metabolic issue or diet plan may be, a ketogenic diet is sure to fit for your needs.

Restricting your body to about 50 Grams of Carbohydrates per day and tricking it into burning the excess fats in your body to get you through your active schedule is what Keto looks for. Typically asking for a timespan of 3 to 4 days to get into the phase of where your body breaks down the fats for your good. As you might have guessed it by now, a keto diet is sure to serve you as the perfect way of weight loss in a short span of time.

Proven to be the method to get you through your weight loss procedure at faster rates than any other diet plan might be capable of doing in such a short span.

As we talk about another major aspect of your body that comes on the same page as that of a Keto Diet we come across Insulin. The hormone lets you use up the sugars you consume as energy. A Ketogenic diet helps you burn those sugars fast, asking your body hence to generate lower levels of insulin. The low insulin levels in order help your body prevent itself from cancer and slow down the process of cancer cell growth in your body.

No, the list does not end right here as a ketogenic diet also serves to prevent heart diseases. Yes, it is quite natural to strike a question of a diet demanding high fat intakes is then capable of providing your body with the good cholesterol it needs rather than the bad alternatives.

Facilitated by the lower insulin levels that you have already mastered in your diet stopping your body from making excessive cholesterol. Therefore, now you have a significantly and massively lower chance to have high blood pressure, heart failures and other cardiovascular disease.

Yes, you are ready to have a leaner stomach, but what about beauty? Acnes are a result of high cholesterol levels and we are quite sure of you facing it before your prom or important outings where you want to look your best. Cutting down on carbohydrates can surely help you with the problems leaving you with nothing but clear and glowing skin.

We are not wrapping it all up right here as the Keto Diet has a number of benefits still left in the book for us to be aware of. Making us discuss its powers to help with Nervous System Disorders like Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease as well as sleeping disorders that you might be facing.

Backed up by the great numbers as seen to reduce greater than 50% chances of one having a seizure while a whopping 16% became absolutely seizure free. While being under study for other brain conditions as well, just to be added to the huge list of benefits by the Keto Diet.

Hitting the good books is its benefit to help with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Generally caused by the excessive levels of insulin in the body. After all this recapitulation, you might be quite familiar with a keto diet helping to check insulin levels and thus all of the other related problems all to be solved with the perfect low carb diets.

Helping you get the most out of your system to provide you with all the energy that you might be needing for your day. Helping you check your Muscle to Fat ratio and increasing the levels of oxygen to be used by your body as you toil through your hardworking schedule.

A little bit to ask for in the form of indigestion, mildly low blood sugar or headaches, weakness and fatigue generally termed as Keto Flu. Some might include constipation and bad breath, but that is just a small phase you are ready to endure for a better-looking body and a healthier tomorrow, right?

A really interesting alternative to treat all of your medical conditions and giving your weight loss routine a kick start. A little bit of a commitment to be made and you are sure to lead your way to a healthier body.

Not asking you to keep around with a diet just based on plants and leaves as you would portray a diet to be. Not letting your tongue stay as dry as a dessert when it comes to taste and your favourite food. Not only improving your levels of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure but also reducing the levels of the pointer on your weighing scale, triglycerides and bad cholesterol.

You don’t need to dedicate your time and pay for a gym membership for your physical activity or stick to a very strict routine of salads and supplements to thrive upon. Neither do you need to miss out on your favourite meals while you embark on the journey to get fit and lose all the excess folds on your belly.

A keto diet is the way to go for you to build up that picture-perfect beach body or to squeeze into those perfect dresses in the wardrobe. Are you ready to get on the journey and get to a fit scale? Keto diet might be the option you consider.




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