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Rebuilding the Immune System After Being Gluten Free

For certain people gluten can be a curse. Getting exposed to the gluten can make you weak and harm your organs. It can be stressful for your body both physically and mentally. Gluten sensitive people can have various symptoms such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, mental instability, inflammation and pain in the body.

Gluten is affected by two types of people who either have celiac gluten sensitivity or non celiac gluten sensitivity. There is a certain group of people with celiac disease; they get affected with gluten within a span of time. The other group of people is only gluten sensitive and do not have any disease but are still under harmful conditions.

After the consumption of gluten, the immunity gets a lot weaker and loses the ability to perform daily work. The recovery might also take a little time. For this reason people with sensitivity are advised to shift themselves to the gluten free diet.

Now talking about the recovery, this might be a long procedure and might also take even a month. Recovery time or rebuilding your immune system back to the normal phase requires an adequate amount of rest and a balanced diet.

Also before studying about rebuilding your immune system it is important to also know how it affects your gut and why it is important to take time after gluten sensitivity.


Basically, gluten is the common name for two types of proteins called gliadin and glutenin. Glutenin is the major protein found in the wheat flour. Out of these two, the most harmful protein is gliadin protein because it is hard to digest and remains undigested in the digestive system for a longer period.

In celiac disease, patients tend to face a major issue with the digestion problem. The normal people face a little problem in digesting the gluten so it becomes even harder for the patient to digest the gluten.

People with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity carry a gene called HLA that has various versions which are membrane receptors. They are present in the immune cells and play a great role in the body's first line of defense. HLA tends to have misconceptions about gluten and accepts that gliadin is harmful for the body.

Gliadin is also very specific in nature and binds to the HLA for a receptor complex. This activates an inflammatory response and damages the function and structure of the digestive system. This weakens the body and prevents the nutrients from absorbing.

In this way, gliadin tends to cross the intestine. The exposure from gluten creates a spiral in the intestinal wall which further swells and leads to the leaky gut.This autoimmune disease of celiac gluten sensitivity harms the small intestine and starts with the inflammation. It also creates an adaptive immune system against gluten but it becomes difficult because of the natural processes.

Gluten containing grains have a rich amount of gluten which can harm the patient even more. For this reason it is advised to buy gluten free grains, gluten free breads and labeled gluten free products.


Before starting with the rebuilding of your immune system keep a note of certain medical advice. You must start with the gluten free diet from the first day itself. To avoid gluten keep a double check on the ingredients and read labels of the processed foods. You will also be advised to eat naturally gluten free food.


Gluten acts as a toxic substance in the body of a gluten sensitive person. For the first few weeks you might be advised to take certain digestive enzymes to break down gluten. These digestive enzymes can be helpful for your body to soothe the symptoms of diseases.

These digestive enzymes bind with the gluten to form a new complex so that it does not get absorbed by the body. Intake of these pills can detoxify your body in a week.


For a better recovery, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated. Water is the most important beverage. It not only keeps your body hydrated but also helps in flushing out the toxins from the body.

Nutritionists might also recommend you to include coconut water in your diet so that it can naturally replace the electrolytes which can harm your body. Warm ginger or green tea can also be a boon to your upset stomach.


Even if you are not gluten sensitive, it is necessary to have an adequate amount of sleep. If your anxiety or mental instability is not letting you sleep then you can rest your eyes.You can also use meditation to help control your thoughts. Instead your immune system, your mind also needs to recover from the trauma of gluten.


Epsom salt bath is used to revive the immune system. It will detoxify your body and will make you feel a lot better about yourself. It will also be great for your relaxation after a long term of celiac damage.


After you have been diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, it is important to have a proper gluten free diet. For a period of a month consume the food which is easier to digest and doesn’t put pressure on your digestive system.

Full liquid diet can help you to have a proper digestion. You can try broth and gelatin. Start searching about the gluten free food products. Avoid outside food at any cost.

Few food products which you will be advised by doctors are:

Ginger is an anti inflammatory and anti nausea agent which can ease the stomach pain and also reduce the inflammation in the body.To aid the digestion process, pineapple and papaya are the best fruit among all. It contains certain enzymes which can help in easing out the digestion.


After a horrific time period of disease, you must be focused to repair the gut in a permanent way. The best way to restore the good gut bacteria is the consumption of probiotics. You can also intake L-glutamine which contains an adequate amount of amino acid. It tends to heal the intestine lining and also decreases the inflammation.


After a week of relaxation and detoxification, you must start adding the little amount of exercise to keep your body in a movable condition.Take a walk and join a yoga class.



To rebuild your immune system, you can start the intake of supplements as well. There are few of them which are helpful and have the properties to elevate your immune system.


  •         Repairs the already damaged white blood cells and lymphocytes.
  •         Increase the immunity to fight with the disease.
  •         Balances the blood sugar level and starts with the repairment of joints, tissues and muscles.


  •         The already inflamed organ can be modulated and reduce the inflammation.
  •         It also helps in repairing the damaged immune system.
  •         Vitamin C will also help you in reducing the pain.


  •         It tends to produce the energy in the body to increase the immunity.
  •         It also helps in regulating the digestion process.
  •         Keep in mind not to exceed the amount of supplements it may itch  your gut.

 So this is all about how you can maintain your immune system and rebuild it. After the celiac disease or gluten sensitivity has hit you hard it becomes important that you sit back and take time out for your body.At this time you must not think about weight loss or any other wandering thought. It is essential that you maintain your body health and manage your emotional strength.

Stay gluten free and regain immunity!





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