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Collagen Supplements: Benefits, Safety, and Effects

Collagen Supplements: Benefits, Safety and Effects

Collagen is one of the mammalian proteins with the most abundance. It is responsible for several biological functions including providing structural support in the connective tissue, muscle and skin. Collagen is the protein which causes elasticity in the skin. It also plays a part in the health of the joints and bones. Human bodies spontaneously contain collagen. With time however, this protein's development slows down. As a result, the skin of a human starts losing some of his ability to bounce back into shape, a phenomenon that many call "elasticity." As this occurs, wrinkles start to form.

Although certain diets, such as bone broth, contain collagen, people seeking wrinkle-free skin or other health benefits often turn to supplements to improve their consumption of collagen. Collagen is one of the mammalian proteins with the most abundance. It is responsible for many biochemical roles including supplying structural support in the connective tissue, muscle , and skin.

Collagen is the protein which causes elasticity in the skin. This also takes a part in the health of the joints and bones.Human bodies naturally produce collagen. With time however, this protein's production slows down. When a result, the skin of a human begins losing more of his capacity to snap back into shape, a phenomenon that others call "elasticity." As that occurs, wrinkles continue to grow. Although certain diets, such as bone broth, contain collagen, people seeking wrinkle-free skin or other health benefits often turn to supplements to improve their consumption of collagen.

What Are They, Do They Work, And How?

So add more collagen so your diet, many people are taking collagen supplements.The bulk of collagen supplements undergo the hydrolyzation cycle. That means the maker has broken down the collagen in the supplements into peptides, making absorption and usage simpler for the body. Collagen supplements come in tablets, capsules, and powders. Most are eligible to order online.

If collagen supplements are successful or not depends on what someone is using collagen for.The collagen supplements provide many possible health benefits. Scientists, however, have not thoroughly investigated all the potential effects.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) itself, as with any additive, does not test the statements that a company makes on how good their collagen formula performs.Such possible health effects of collagen supplements, however, include:

1. Healthier Skin

Many people who are taking collagen supplements try to boost their skin's look and overall safety. Some claim collagen antioxidants can help reduce the symptoms of ageing, such as increasing skin moisture, reducing wrinkles and enhancing elasticity. What exactly do the studies say? There is some evidence to back up these conclusions. For starters, many women drank a mixture containing different vitamins , minerals, hydrolyzed collagen, and hyaluronic acid, in a report in the Journal of Medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals.

The study found that the women who drank this combination greatly decreased the extent of their wrinkles as opposed to those in the control group. The skin hydration and elasticity of the participants have increased considerably. In the journal Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, another related study investigated the impact of collagen supplements on women's bodies.

The women took either a collagen replacement or placebo during 8 weeks in this trial. The women who were taking the drug showed higher levels of elasticity and moisture after those 8 weeks. There are also suggestions that collagen can help alleviate skin problems like acne. These arguments, however, still may not have conclusive evidence to back them.

2. Better Joint Performance

When a human gets older their joints tend to wear down. The spongy cartilage of the joints in particular starts to wear off. There is some evidence to show that collagen supplementation can help regenerate or keep the cartilage in the joints from weakening. What exactly do the studies say? One analysis of collagen supplementation studies showed that using hydrolyzed collagen supplements can improve joint protection and possibly recover some bone integrity in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis patients. The study also suggested that it helps to minimize discomfort in the joint.

3. Gaining Body Mass

There is some evidence supporting the use of collagen supplements can help to improve muscle mass. What exactly do the studies say? A small 53-men study revealed the positive effects of taking collagen supplements during exercise. The sample of participants took 15 grams ( g) of collagen a day, or a placebo tablet.

The patients completed 12 weeks of routine exercise. Those who took the collagen supplements at the end of this period showed an increase in muscle mass and strength which was significantly more pronounced than those taking the placebo pill. The researchers theorized that collagen helped promote the development of the muscle-growing proteins.

4. Does Prevent Bone Loss

Collagen comprises a substantial amount of bone structure and helps to keep the bones healthy. If a person ages and the development of collagen slows down, bones will get weakened when the body lacks the collagen required to keep the bones healthy and protected.This can cause disorders such as osteoporosis to evolve. What exactly do the studies say? There is some evidence to suggest that taking collagen supplements may help keep the bone density and strength from deteriorating.

One experimental research , for example, saw people taking only calcium or calcium and collagen supplements for 1 year. The researchers observed that the women taking calcium and collagen had lower levels of a protein in their blood responsible for breaking down bones.However, further research is needed to fully prove the effects collagen has on the promotion of strong bones.

5. Supports Cardiac Safety

Moreover, taking collagen supplements will help promote a balanced cardiovascular system. What exactly do the studies say? Part obtained 16 g of collagen tripeptide for 6 months in a limited sample of 30 participants. This group showed a substantial decline in artery stiffness and a drop in their low density lipoprotein, or "poor" cholesterol. Reducing coronary stiffness can help improve heart protection. However, further work is needed to show collagen's effectiveness in promoting cardiac function.

Key Benefits

Although this work is encouraging, more research is needed to better establish the beneficial impact collagen may have on muscle development.There are also suggestions that collagen will offer extra health benefits. Nevertheless, scientific evidence has little support for these arguments. Any other potentials which can support collagen include:

  1. Hold your stomach full
  2. A good weight
  3. Reduces fears
  4. Boost attitude
  5. Fostering balanced nail development and hair growth

Forms and Approaches To Use These

Collagen supplements come in a number of various forms. When choosing a form of collagen, a person should select the complement that best fits their goals. Some supplements may include some of those collagen types, and probably other ones. The collagen is hydrolyzed in certain instances, too. Undergoing the hydrolyzing cycle facilitates the synthesis of collagen in the body.The most popular types of collagen a person can find in stores or online are as follows:

  • Form 1: It is one of the most common forms in the human body and helps to preserve healthy skin.
  • Form 2: This is mainly found in cartilage, which may help improve good wellbeing.
  • Form 3: This form also helps increase the elasticity to support skin protection.
  • Form 5: This form helps in fostering placenta development in pregnant women.
  • Form 10: This form also occurs in cartilage and leads to protection and regeneration of the bone.

Side Effects 

It is generally safe to take collagen supplements as a healthcare professional directs. A person will also speak to their doctor before adding any new additives or through the use of any current supplements.Otherwise, taking collagen supplements does not pose any major health dangers in most adults.The side effects of collagen supplements are usually moderate, which can include:

  • Diarrhea
  • A common sensation of abdominal heaviness
  • Shocks

Will They Support Vegans and Vegetarians?

Some of the ingredients to collagen are not vegan or vegetarian friendly. Manufacturers tend to produce them using animal bones and protein.  There are however some options for vegan and vegetarian collagen available. While vegan alternatives may not be accessible anywhere, many are available online.An individual who follows a keto diet program can also use collagen supplements. An individual may want to search for a collagen supplement that explicitly intends to promote the keto diet, close to vegan alternatives.

Bottom Line

Most people know collagen because of its function to promote health and vitality in the skin. Yet it may also further improve other wellness fields, such as bone, joint, and heart wellbeing. Individuals can purchase collagen supplements they buy from a variety of online and retail retailers, and typically they can choose a form that meets their particular nutritional needs. Collagen taking does not have any significant implications or health risks for most men. 

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