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A Complete Guide To Plant Based Diet

There isn’t any fixed diet which is proven to be best for humankind. Every individual is susceptible to a certain lifestyle and changing your whole diet plan could be harmful for you or not suit you.Being vegetarian or vegan is completely different from a plant based diet.

Plant based eating has been in existence since ages but became popular in the latest era. It is a wellness trend which influences the food choices of a person. The major benefit with the plant based diet is that it is majorly unprocessed.

Unprocessed food products contain all the natural macronutrients and are healthy for the body metabolism. Plant based food products are generally unprocessed and stimulate weight loss and health.

Those who believe that being a vegan or on a plant based diet could be the only way you could lose weight then it is wrong. Plant based diet plans focus on the long term health benefits rather than short term weight loss.

Plant centric lifestyle can also reduce the risk factors of many chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. It also improves immunity and decreases the inflammation level.

But starting with a new diet plan can be a little difficult considering the fact that you can’t get adapted with the new diet plan overnight. This article will clear your doubts about all the factors of plant based diet.


Many times we confuse plant diet with the vegan diet but there are very few people who know that vegan diet and plant based diet are not identical.

Vegan diet is when a dieter prohibits the consumption of any kind of animal products which includes meat, poultry, fish and dairy. It also inhibits the intake of honey and gelatin. Basically, we can state that a vegan diet can be plant based, but a plant based is not vegan.

Whereas, a plant based diet includes all the foods that come from plants, it may be vegetables, fruits, tubers, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. You can either go fully plant based or can be dependent on just plants.

Plant based diet is more of a lifestyle because it depends on a person of how frequently they consume animal products. It is always stated that you can either prohibit the consumption or limit it.You are also supposed to induce the restrictions on added sugars or refined food products.

Plant based also focuses on the balanced diet. The diet plan should be made in such a way that it must include all the macronutrients in an adequate amount.


Now the main question which arises is will a plant based diet be healthy or not?

The classic method to go on with the plant based diet is to stick to the basic food products. The plant food products should not be processed or refined. Instead use fresh plants and food products from them.

Natural beans and legumes can be stocked up at home. Even the frozen food is considered to be healthy enough.

Plant based dietary food is also healthy for the increment of the weight for long term. Obesity has always been a major concern all over the world. It is obvious that dietary changes or shifting to a plant based diet other than high carbohydrate one can induce weight loss and leave a long lasting impact.

Plant dietary food products are rich in fiber and contribute towards the exclusion of the processed foods. Thus, it also helps in reduction of a few more pounds of your weight.

Plant based diet initially focuses on the inhibition of all the processed and refined products and also all of the food which has added sugars. This itself contributes in benefitting the health with the additional advantage of weight loss.


There is always a procedure which is required to follow before starting any diet. Plant based diets could miss on to many types of macronutrients. It is better to calculate the amount of macronutrients. Make sure to avoid deficiency of any kind of macronutrient.

Never miss your breakfast – Start with the little change but keep in mind that you cannot miss your breakfast. It is the most crucial meal because it lets you carry on with the whole day metabolism. Include an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrate and vitamins in the meal. You can add spinach, banana, coconut cream smoothie and a bowl of oatmeal with the fruit toppings.

Breakfast should always be the first step for the transformation. After that you can start with the changes in lunch and then dinner. Gradual changes can be adapted easily and will be manageable as well.

You must remember that a plant based diet shouldn’t be just a dietary plan but also a lifestyle.

Adequate amount of proteins – Skipping the meat can be easy to say but to manage the room for proteins can be a typical task. In a plant based diet, it becomes difficult to manage the adequate amount of proteins.

You can incorporate protein in your diet by consuming beans, legumes, tofu, nuts and seeds. Considering the fact that you are new to the plant based diet, in initial days you can have a small serving of meat and start reducing it as days go by.

You will have to keep renewing the diet plan every week so that you don’t get bored of it and there is change in the cycle of the nutrient levels.

Be careful with the carbohydrates – Carbohydrates are never too good for the body. Sticking to a plant based diet has a major goal to prohibit you to any kind of processed and packaged food.

The major carbohydrate source in your diet should be whole grains, avocados, brown rice, quinoa, oats, and sweet potatoes and so on. They are those carbohydrates which are complex in nature and require your body a longer time to break down those.

This satiety level will help you to exercise more without the need of meat for energy and glucose.Health foods such as crackers, cereals, granola bars and yogurts are considered to be protein rich but are unhealthy and are filled with refined oils, flour and sugar. They can be used as a treat or dessert but are not advised by the nutritionists.

Cut down on fats – Fat is one macronutrient which can fulfill your satiety level to the utmost. Plant based fats are great for health because they do not contain saturated or Trans fats.

If cooked with olive or avocado oil, they can be healthier for roast