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What Are Some Good Vegan Candy Bars

9 Best Sweet Spots To Get Vegan Dessert

We also know that vegan chocolate bars are a gourmet treat. However, did you know about Mars has a vegan Galaxy Bar? It's a plant-based version of its popular chocolate bar but it's only sold in the UK. We've curated a handy list of vegan bakeries and candy manufacturers so you and your loved ones can indulge in tasty sweets without having to ask a million questions or squint at the labels!

1. Artisan chocolate at Naviluna

This gourmet chocolate manufacturer, previously known as Earth Loaf, crosses all boxes for conscientious customers – limited batch, sustainably sourced within India, organic, hand-crafted. You might find them in some shops as Naviluna and in others as Earth Loaf, but rest assured the chocolate is just as delicious! Like their Coconut, Ginger & Gondhoraj bar, their flavor infusions are also inspired by Indian produce.

Choose between:
  1. Mysore Pak Nouveau
  2. Candied Chocolate Bar with Gondhoraj
  3. Tamil Nadu Chocolate Bar 72 per cent

2. Mason and Co

When the philosophy of the business is “we think the positive things of life will also be beneficial for you and the world," you know that you are just having the right stuff! This brand, based in Pondicherry, is specialized in bean-to-bar chocolates, which are also organic, single-origin and hand-made.Take your pick from dark plain, spicy, or nutty bars. What doesn't love?

Choose between:
  1. Intense dark chocolate bar 85 per cent
  2. Chilli & Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Bar 70 per cent
  3. Rosemary & Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar 70 per cent

3. Pascati

This brand keeps it close to home, from farms in Kerala sourcing all its beans. Their specialities are dark varieties (they have 72%, 81% and 90%) and bars of fruit & nut and flavored chocolate with shades of saffron, cinnamon, mint and orange. It also happens that Pascati is India's first Fairtrade and USDA certified organic chocolate maker. Specializing in dark chocolate)

Choose between:
  1. Saffron Pistachio 
  2. Dark Rose Almond Dark 
  3. Lemon Ginger Dark

4. Indah

Indah is a domestic company that produces chocolates that are small-batch, slow-roasted and stone-ground. Their food range stretches beyond pure candy bars, with candy eating, chocolate chips and chocolate baking, some of which are vegan.

Choose between:
  1. Dark Chocolate 61 percent – Pure
  2. Medium Chocolate 61 percent – Berry
  3. Dark Chocolate 61 percent – Peppermint

5. Pacari

Pacari is a well-known international brand which springs all of its beans from Ecuador, specifically from a region-born variety called Arribi Nacional. Pacaro is going to cater to the more daring palate, with flavors such as passion fruit, Andean rose and pink salt from Cuzco. To those of you more inclined for a gooey brownie or a dainty cupcake, don't be scared! We have discovered some fantastic bakeries that specialize in vegan and dairy-free treats.

Choose between:
  1. 100% Natural Vegan Chocolate
  2. Cocoa + coconut sugar 85 per cent
  3. 60 percent Dark Chocolate Lemongrass

6. Vegan Yummy By Bhavika, Mumbai

Led by Bhavika Baldia, a passionate vegan chef, she whips up everything from sheet cakes to raw cheesecake jars and vegan ice cream (48 hours notice required). Any modification is too complicated for her, so let her know if your criteria is Keto, sugar-free or gluten free.

Choose between: Granola Bars with High Protein (price on request)

7. Gurgaon: Cherry On Top

Led by Swati Arora from her Gurgaon home, this bakery is 100 % organic, and specializes in sugar-free treatments. This bakery caters and customizes to fit every palate, from simple loaf cakes and cookies to rich truffles and Indian sweets.

Choose between:
  1. Dark Truffles in Chocolate (Rs 1000 per box)
  2. Chocolate Walnut Chunk Brownies (Rs 180 per piece)
  3. Kaju Katli, Gulab Jamun and Almond Barfi (Price available on request)
  4. Vegan Cakes & Cupcakes (price available on request)
  5. Vegan Protein Nutty Chocolates (price available on demand)

8. Saima Bakery, Pune

This little bakery in the Viman Nagar area, run by ethical vegan Aniss Afshar, bakes everything you might imagine-both sweet and savory-in a vegan avatar! Aniss makes classics like apple pie as well as intricately decorated cakes with frosting, with a foundation of European cake and bread backing.

Choose between:
  1. Apple Pie 
  2. Lamingtons (Chupavci)
  3. Almond rum ball

9. New Delhi: Akeart

Bakeart has been around for quite some time, selling some of the city's finest plant-based cookies, brownies and doughnuts. Oh, if you're a desi mithai hanker, your Indian sweets are always delicious! If you choose to eat vegan chocolate and candy, it’s best to do so sparingly and munch on the animal-free kinds. 

Choose between:
  • Vanilla Bean And Saffron Cake (800 gms Rs 2000)
  • Date, Laddoos Almond And Coconut (2000 rs per kg)
  • Fudge Carrot (Rs. 1200 per 700 gms) 

Bottom Line

Bear in mind that sugar is still extracted using bone char, unless explicitly labelled vegan. With much of the sweets listening above this is the case. For this cause, certain vegans prefer to skip traditional sugar. Some of the high-quality dark chocolate bars are vegan, but test the milk products ingredients also. Yet there are very few typical bars of vegan candies.

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