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Wellversed enables you to customize your nutrition according to what your body needs. Different body types need a different type of nutrition depending on ethnicity, age, health conditions, disease predisposition, and metabolic capacity.

What Customers Say

Keto is more than just weight loss. The anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as the mental clarity and extra energy you get on a Keto Diet, is amazing. Sometimes you crave for your favorite food but with Wellversed Products, I don’t feel like I struggle internally with myself anymore whether to “eat this or not eat this.” Wellversed has made my life less stressful in general. If you’re considering keto, I would recommend Wellversed Products any day!

Surbhi Sharma, Mumbai

I have been on a Vegan Diet for the past month and let me tell you, I genuinely cried when I came across Wellversed food products. With Wellversed products, You will not have cravings. You will enjoy your meals. You will have energy. You will feel satiated. It’s awesome! Thank you so much Wellversed for making such awesome products.

Jennifer Dsouza, Banglore

I am writing specifically to "Thank You" for making such wonderful quality smart food products for people who are following the healthy diet. Healthy diet is a Struggle, but after trying Wellversed's products, the journey is a lot less hard. Thank You Wellversed

Rahul Jain, Kolkata

The quantity and quality of Wellversed products are great and the best part is the TASTE. It is Amazing.Thank you Wellversed

Charchit Malhotra, Punjab

I want to thank Wellversed for making awesome products. I can’t wait for others to discover the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through real food, and encourage them to reach out to the Wellversed like I did.

Laxmi Jain, Banglore


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